Because his family is unable to assist him, an injured puppy with shattered legs cries inertly.

Fortunately, there are angels on earth who help those most in need, and this story proves it. It is about a furry friend, who was practically paralyzed after receiving strong blows to his hip and his broken legs.

For several days this poor puppy remained injured unable to move in pain because his family did not have the means to take him to the vet.

After seeing that the puppy was not improving, its owners decided to ask for help so that this poor little animal received medical attention, luckily their call was answered immediately . This happened in the Textil de la Banda neighborhood in Argentina.

The animal rescuer Eduardo Reimersma known as “El Polaco” was responsible for looking for this poor puppy who could not stand up, was almost totally immobile, had broken legs and several blows to his hips.

The story of this puppy was made public after El Polaco made it known through his Facebook account, where he told his followers that he had cared for a puppy after going home because his family had no resources. to see a doctor and needed help.

“ He was a dwarf with his broken legs and a blow to his hips”, said El Polaco.

El Polaco and his team took the puppy to receive the attention of doctor Mario Occhionero.

In the same publication, he thanked the collaboration of CRIA15 from La Banda and its officers who accompanied the rescue team at all times, providing security.

El Polaco also clarified that it was not a case of animal abuse as one could easily assume.

“The furry will be cared for, neutered and when he is discharged and recovered he will return to his family who clearly showed us that they love their pets, only they did not have the means to transfer him to a veterinarian,” added El Polaco.

El Polaco owns El Montecito de los Canichones, a center whose purpose is to welcome all those animals that are found on the streets of the city of Santiago del Estero and give them shelter until they find a family that can adopt them responsibly.

They also rescue puppies that are mistreated or need veterinary attention.

Fortunately, the pain of this puppy ended once it was treated, it is important not to wait days to seek help and prevent the suffering of the animals from lasting over time.

Share the good work that these people do who love and help animals that are in danger.

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