Because it believes an object to be its mother, a wounded newborn deer clings to it as it practices hunting.

A deer was found next to a deer-shaped training target . They say the boy mistook the object for his mother and curled up there to feel its warmth, despite the cold of the sad dummy made to receive bullets.

The sad story went viral online after Instagram account AnimaNaturalis posted a photo of the chick. The reactions didn’t take long to multiply into the thousands instantly, showing netizens’ outrage at the helpless and defenseless chick.

In recent years, deer populations have increased in a number of countries in the Northern Hemisphere, which is why their hunting is happening in a fashion that confuses many people. The deer is an agile and very attentive animal, which makes the task of those who want to hit the target difficult, because it moves quickly and perceives danger.

Such is the point, that various ventures have set up deer-shaped dummies in wooded areas so that hunters can practice their aim and speed.

At such a young age, he should be discovering nature with his loving mother, and instead he is all alone

Like the little one in this story, every year thousands of baby deer are orphaned after their mothers lose their lives at the hands of  poachers, condemning them too to certain death, without the protection of their family.

Human beings are the only species capable of killing another just for fun. As one of the Internet users points out in the comments to the photo:

“This photo says so much, how despicable we can become, so much evil…”, wrote the Internet user.

Yes, I know, these words are extremely sad and discouraging, but perhaps among all of us, we can make more and more “humans” aware that the world and the remaining creatures do not belong to us, they are not an object and they deserve a decent life.

Share this sad story with all your friends. Let’s spread our voices against animal hunting.

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