Billie Eilish’s response to acquiring a dog was, “I’m not good at giving a temporary home.”

Spending the days of quarantine at home and practicing social isolation can make many of us feel lonely and bored . Luckily, as Billie Eilish found out, there’s nothing a puppy can’t fix. They are very special animals that manage to brighten our day with a little mischief or by demanding a good pampering and caressing session.

Billie Eilish already had three pets: a puppy, a cat, and a tarantula.

In the midst of such a difficult situation, many organizations and shelters have given up a surprising number of puppies for adoption. Some temporarily and others permanently. It is wonderful news but we must take into account that if we welcome a puppy we must take care of it and treat it as one more member of the family .

Billie Eilish lives in the city of Los Angeles.

Billie Eilish has always been characterized as a great lover of animals . Her pets often accompany her on her tours so they can give her love and play with her backstage. Now that the singer was forced to cancel her concerts, she decided to spend the days at home with her furry ones.

Billie Eilish is barely 18 years old.

With some extra time and space, she contacted a shelter to foster two puppies . She spent several days sharing with two pit bulls until he realized that they had completely stolen his heart. One of them got a final adoption and Ella billie she knew that the little gray one was already part of her family, so she formalized the adoption process.

“I completely failed in that of giving a temporary home. He is now a member of the family,” Billie Eilish said.

He is a truly irresistible pup and it seems that he has forged a very special bond with Billie Eilish. She explained what happened and invited all her followers to open the doors of her house to a puppy.

The furry still does not have a name but has become the protagonist of many of the singer’s publications.

Saving the life of a pet during quarantine is a wonderful action that will also bring countless benefits to the humans in the house. There is no doubt that it is a house where love is abundant.

Take advantage of these days of quarantine to provide love to a struggling puppy. Let’s share this note to celebrate that this cute pitbull got a family where he will never lack for anything.

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