Capture life’s memorable moments: Capture the cuteness of a newborn’s first days

Photographer Paula Galʋão, from Natal, Brazil, captures the first special moments in the life of a . Meanwhile, a moving image shows a woman in the hours before giving birth,
kneeling on the floor and holding on to her partner for support as she goes through contractions.

Paula, 39, started taking pictures like this after giving to her own daughter, Ingrid, who is now 17. She said she works all hours of the day because can come anywhere, anytime, but She feels very happy and accomplished with her work. ,’ explaining how ‘eʋery brings a different emotion’.

Photographer Paula Galʋão, from Natal, Brazil, shared these incredible images taken in the delivery room, including the doctors delivering this ʋia C-Sᴇᴄtɪᴏɴ.

Another touching photograph shows a new touching her mother’s head when they first meet.

The photographs also show the stages leading up to , including this photo of a woman on the floor while having contractions, holding on to her partner for support.

An intimate image shows another mother meeting her new son for the first time, moments after giving him

A photo showing a new event held for the first time with a small hat.

A cute image showing a new with a full head of hair enjoying a nap.

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