Capture the 4m long ‘monster’ roaming the living room


Tom gon 'quai thu' dai 4m 'long hanh' trong phong khach

The rescue team quickly arrived at the scene and took only 5 minutes to capture the ” beast ” and release it back into the wild. This is the largest snake the family has ever seen.

Tom gon 'quai thu' dai 4m 'long hanh' trong phong khach-Hinh-2

They think this giant king cobra entered the house to escape the hot weather. Statistics show that each year about 7,000 people in Thailand are treated for snake bites, with 30 deaths, of which cobras are the main cause. 

Tom gon 'quai thu' dai 4m 'long hanh' trong phong khach-Hinh-3

Previously, a woman in Chiang Mai, Thailand discovered a 4-meter-long cobra when checking her Toyota car before starting her journey. The snake curled up inside the engine compartment while volunteers worked to get it out. 

Tom gon 'quai thu' dai 4m 'long hanh' trong phong khach-Hinh-4

After 3 hours, the cobra was successfully pulled out and taken to a rescue facility before being released back into the wild. 

Tom gon 'quai thu' dai 4m 'long hanh' trong phong khach-Hinh-5

All cobra species are venomous and have the ability to lift the head of the body and expand the neck to form a bulging gill shape when threatened. The king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world.

Tom gon 'quai thu' dai 4m 'long hanh' trong phong khach-Hinh-6

This snake is threatened due to habitat loss and has been listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List since 2010. This snake is capable of delivering a bite that quickly kills the victim. 

Tom gon 'quai thu' dai 4m 'long hanh' trong phong khach-Hinh-7

According to estimates, the amount of venom secreted in a king cobra bite is capable of killing an adult elephant and causing death to about 20 adults if not treated. We invite readers to watch more videos: “Confusion” with “beasts” in Vietnam causes a stir in public opinion.

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