China ask Help Russia: Four US B-2 bomber with Australian KC-30 fly to warzone

Warning To China: Why US Air Force Sends 4 B-2 Bombers to Australia.

Four US Air Force B-2 Spirit stealth bombers line up at Royal Australian Air Force Amberley airbase in Queensland.

In July, the US B-2 Spirit fleet arrived in Queensland to join the Pacific Air Force Bomber Force exercises. The US and Australia are stepping up joint efforts to step up tactical operations in light of the looming Chinese threat.

The first pair of US B-2 Spirit bombers landed in Queensland in mid-July, embarking on a new bomber task force mission in the Indo-Pacific.

“This deployment of B-2s to Australia demonstrates and enhances the readiness on and off our long-range strike force.

Part of the goal of this initiative is to enhance air cooperation, maritime cooperation, land cooperation, and overall improve bilateral relations in the Indo-Pacific.

The US Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force are conducting fighter jet drills, in addition to experimenting with B-2 refueling from the Royal Australian Air Force KC-30 tanker.

US aviators have integrated with their Australian counterparts in every specialty: fuel, logistics, maintenance, aviator, you name it. The U.S. Air Force B-2 bomber represents a critical component of America’s long-range strike arsenal.

Designed during the Cold ധąɾ, the heavy strategic bomber is equipped with observable stealth technology designed to allow the airframe to penetrate dense anti-aircraft defences.

Royal Australian Air Force Air Cmdre. David Paddison also hailed the ongoing joint exercises in Queensland as an important component of US-Australian military cooperation.

Paddison stated that “It is not uncommon for our refueling, security and firefighters to gain experience on an aircraft such as the B-2.

This partnership has been instrumental in enhancing the capabilities and interoperability of our two armies through joint exercises and activities.

The Indo-Pacific is our home and we are committed to an open, inclusive and resilient Indo-Pacific.”

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