Couple is shocked to find their pet dog ate $4,000 in cash.

We all love our dogs, but every owner has their own story of doggy destruction — those times when a pet gets a hold of some valuable personal item and makes it his personal chew toy.

But imagine discovering your pet devoured a whopping $4,000 in cash! That was the unbelievable situation for one Philadelphia couple, when their money-hungry dog decided to chow down on some Benjamins.

Clayton and Carrie Law, from Pittsburgh, are the owners of a dog named Cecil, who Carrie says “has never done anything bad in his life.”

But that all changed last month, when the couple discovered that their dog decided to eat $4,000 in cash off their counter! According to CNN, the cash had been taken out of the bank to pay workers who had built their new fence.

The couple found torn-up hundreds and fifties all over the place — and learned the hard way that Cecil had eaten much of the cash: “He throws up and I was like, ‘Wow, there’s a lot of 100s,’” Clayton told CNN.

“I was shocked,” Clayton told USA Today. “It was so out of character for him. He wouldn’t eat food off a coffee table. I was just in shock because it was very unlike him.”

Thankfully, they hadn’t lost all their money: ripped and torn currency can still be exchanged at the bank for its face value, as long as more than half the note is present.

But retrieving all the eaten cash was quite a nasty process: the owners had to wait until Cecil… passed the dollar bills, from one end or the other. “It’s rough. The first time we did it, it was like, kind of gag-worthy,” Clayton said.

“Clayton did a lot of s**t sifting,” Carrie wrote in an Instagram post, which also shows her cleaning the bills and taping them back together, salvaging as much as they could.

“We invested several hours each day to recover our money,” Carrie told USA Today. “We couldn’t recover everything due to the pieces of cash getting smaller by day three.”

“The remaining scraps will be our most expensive piece of art,” she wrote.

That unpleasant work paid off, as Clayton and Carrie were able to get most of their money back: according to CNN, they have so far recovered $3,550 of the $4,000 Cecil made his lunch.

While it sounds like an unusual case, Carrie says the bank “assured us this happens all the time” and were “really nice about it.” (Rest assured, all of the dog-eaten cash has been taken out of circulation by the bank.)

Despite nearly costing them thousands and making his owners spend the day sifting through his poop and vomit, the owners have no hard feelings towards Cecil and are just glad he is okay after eating all that cash.

And despite everything, Carrie and Clayton at least ended up with a funny story and memory — one that has been shared with millions of people thanks to their viral post.

“We were mad originally, but now we just laugh about the whole situation,” Clayton told USA Today. “When my wife posted the video on Instagram, we couldn’t believe the response we got.”

That’s certainly an unforgettable story! We’re glad that this couple was at least able to retrieve their money from Cecil!

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