Deep friendship overcomes all difficulties: The touching gesture of the pineapple boy humbly hugs his dog in the most adorable way

A humble child continues to touch millions of hearts, for the sweet way of carrying his beloved dog in his simple backpack, despite all the adversities he goes through.

Many times we believe that people with fewer resources and opportunities in life have nothing to offer. However, we know very well that this is not the case. They surprise us with all the love they have to share, carrying out truly kind and compassionate acts that leave us speechless.

An image that became popular on Zoorprendente has awakened infinite feelings of empathy and tenderness. Although the event happened in 2018, it has once again circulated on the networks, and the message it inspires has no expiration date.

In the photograph you can see a little boy carrying a bag with a puppy inside, and the story behind it makes more than one cry.

Only the noble soul of a child would do whatever it takes to protect what he loves most.

The little boy of Peruvian origin comes from a very humble family, according to many social media users. Every day he goes out to work with her mother to help her with her household expenses.

Despite having to get up day after day to earn his bread in the company of his mother, the child does not leave aside the one he loves most; He will always carry in his bag his best friend, the one he loves with all his might.

The sweet boy helps his mother every morning in her job as a street vendor. Those who have seen him tell how he comes  full of joy  and that,  despite so many difficulties in life, there will never be a lack of a huge smile on his face.

The networks were filled with emotional comments and applause for the little boy

The image ⱱігаɩ shows the little one with his bag while the  little dog appears poking out his head.

But, what undoubtedly moved everyone is that  the child is seen sketching the sweetest, most sincere and tender smile.  Although he may have many problems and needs, he just wants to help his mother and get ahead.

The most genuine, tender and transparent smile that excites the networks

The tender image of the boy also became famous because it was compared to the smile of the Peruvian soccer player Edison Flores.

The rain of comments on the networks does not stop

Thanks to the popularity of this photo and the child’s cute story, many  asked the authorities to find the child to provide support  to him, his mother and his beloved pet, along with a message:

“Poor in status but rich in nature”

“There are no more of these children, I hope he never changes because in the future he will be a good man and laughs all the time precisely because he is with his dog,”  wrote one Internet user.

“It’s sad that he can’t study, however he seems happier than some children who have everything to spare ,” said another person.

The child may not have resources but the dog does not lack love, affection and compassion.

The image continues to travel around the world and awaken the greatest feelings in people. We hope that they have been able to find the whereabouts of such a good boy and that his noble heart has been rewarded.

This young man will have a bright future if his love for life and animals continues with him. This beautiful story cannot leave us indifferent, how much we have to learn from the little ones.

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