Despite being in pain, a dog moves her heroes by trying to thank them.

Our beautiful companion animals love to go out to play and jump free in the open. For this reason, in the midst of the excitement of being outside, they tend to get out of sight, and many run the risk of suffering accidents or attacks from other more aggressive wild animals , which attack mercilessly when they feel threatened.

Although wild animals usually flee, to protect themselves and their young they are capable of anything. And if not, tell it to an unfortunate dog who complied with all the previously announced protocols, and was mercilessly attacked by an as yet unidentified species .

The little girl showed a fatal wound on her neck, so deep that it had managed to reach her nerves . The infection was so severe that she was in danger of dying irretrievably. And it is that, the attacks inflicted on pets by wild animals have been increasing in recent years.

However, Providence wanted the case of the dying dog to reach the ears of the association for the rescue and rights of animals Animal Aid Unlimited, an Indian organization, based in the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan.

It is a group of volunteers , men and women who, honoring their name, have no limits when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of domestic pets .

Every day, they work to rescue animals they find sick or seriously injured, trapped, or in need of urgent medical attention.

“This poor puppy was fighting to stay alive, luckily we arrived just in time ,” said one of the rescuers.

The infection had caused his head to swell. Her other injuries were so severe that she could barely move , let alone with the growing rash that seriously threatened to complicate her health even further. Fortunately, Animal Aid Unlimited was there, at the right time and at the right time to get the little animal out of its misfortune.

And it is that, we have no doubt of the nobility and grateful love of these wonderful and extraordinary four-legged angels, since, despite the pain and suffering, the animal began to move its tail to one side to another with the last remaining strength, as a sign of gratitude to his anonymous saviors.

“ She had deep bite wounds on the top of her head and below her throat, which caused swelling and infection.

His tail wagged a bit and he tried to wave at us , but he couldn’t even lift his head because of the pain that caused him,” they said from the organization.

If you find a little animal in the same situation, approach it little by little, avoiding sudden movements and letting the puppy get used to you. Speak to them in a soft and loving tone , they understand you and it is easier for them to gain trust. If the dog is injured, sick or shows signs of aggression, it is best to call the authorities.

Fortunately, this little girl has a new chance at life, she is quite a warrior. Thanks to constant medical observation, proper nutrition and care, our protagonist is stable and in the process of recovery.

It will take some time for her to be eligible to be put up for adoption, but she is surely ready for a life filled with more adventures and love. Share this story with your friends. 

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Despite being in pain, a dog moves her heroes by trying to thank them.

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