Discover the endearing ways in which two pit bulls support their injured father, emphasizing the unique relationship that exists between animals and their human companions

These two pitties helped their dad settle back into civilian life in the most adorable way.

Noah and Lincoln love their dad and the feeling is mutual. They helped their dad transition back into civilian life after serving in the military and have been by his side, along with his wife, every step of the way

Noah is the most chill pittie. His dad calls him the old man of the house. His dad said that Noah can tell when he is having a good or bad day. During the rough times, Noah knows just what to do to help make everything better.

And that is, sit next to dad and listen while he talks. Noah is happy to be there, relaxing on the couch with him if he needs it. Dad can tell Noah all about his stress and soon he’s feeling better.

And, then there’s Lincoln, who is the opposite of Noah. Lincoln is like a rambunctious teenager according to his dad. He is a playful pup who loves to get wild and goofy. Lincoln is the pup that makes his dad laugh and pushes him to get outside and get some exercise.

While Noah is serious, Lincoln is silly. He inspires his dad to let loose and let go of some of the seriousness. Dad has always been more of a reserved guy who loved to read and didn’t have time to really cut loose, and Lincoln shows him what he’s missed.

After twenty years in the military, the dogs have been there to help him transition into civilian life. They stay by their dad and mom and help them get through each day as a family and add lots of laughs.

Dad and the dogs make an impression too. Since they are all big and burly, people often find them intimidating, but they are gentle souls that anyone would be lucky to call friends.

Dad, mom, and the pups are certainly besties, and the dogs add a lot of love to their lives. It is hard to imagine what life would be like without them and we’re so glad they’ve been able to help their dad so much.

We hope you enjoyed their sweet story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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