Dog impaled in a canal heartfelt thanks to the person who saved him

One dog survived thanks to the brave deed of a humble worker who stopped to help him.

Fortunately, there are people who are willing to help animals, especially those who are in a dangerous situation. And Said Zárate, a garbage collector from Mexico, is one of those people.

He was a hero to a little dog who was trapped in a canal waiting for someone to take pity on his suffering and offer his help.

Despite the fact that his work sometimes receives criticism from ungrateful people, this man has not lost his sensitivity and he demonstrated it after becoming the hero of this puppy.

Earlier this month Said and a co-worker were driving their truck around a farm area when something caught their eye.

It was something that was drifting along the current of the water in a concrete channel, and it turned out to be a dog that needed help.

“I saw something moving in the water. I kept looking until I could identify that he was a dog . I told my partner to stop,” Said said.

Said without hesitation jumped out of the truck and immediately grabbed an empty sack so the cub could cling to it for safety.

The pup was exhausted from his fight to stay afloat. Really this poor animal was too tired to hold on to the sack, but Said did not give up.

He knew he couldn’t leave him to his own devices because he wouldn’t survive, so he was willing to do whatever he could to keep the dog out of danger.

Finally, he was able to lure the cub close enough to the steep edge of the channel to grab it and carry it back to dry land. He felt relieved, he had achieved his goal and the dog would be safe and sound.

The emotional rescue was recorded in a video that has moved thousands of people who admire what the noble man did. If it hadn’t been for him, the poor dog would have had a fatal outcome.

Fortunately, Said did not give up and his efforts paid off. This man changed the fate of this puppy, who gave him the greatest thanks.

After getting out of the water, this furry friend knew that Said had saved him and gave him a big and emotional hug that he will surely never forget.

“He jumped into my arms,” Said said.

This furry friend was in good health. He had a good weight, a good size, and despite being very tired, after getting out of the water he recovered his energy.

The dog will always be grateful to his hero

Apparently this elated and grateful pup lives on a nearby ranch very happily with his loving and caring family.

I’m sure it has good owners. He must have had an accident .

After staying with us for a while, he happily went home,” Said said.

Said and his companion went on their way very satisfied.

“I thanked God that I was able to save him,” Said said.

After sharing the video online, Said received another gesture of gratitude. The puppy’s human father saw the rescue of his beloved pet and did not hesitate to express his appreciation in public.

“He sent me a message thanking me for helping his dog ,” Said added.

This man deserves all our admiration and recognition for his courage, despite the difficulties of the rescue, he was willing to give his all to save the dog that begged to be transferred to the mainland.

We must remain attentive to the needs of the animals that we may have around us in danger, there are always ways to help them.

Thanks to Said ‘s good heart , this puppy had a new chance to live. It’s wonderful to have people like that in this world, sensitive to the pain of vulnerable animals in danger.

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