Dog longs to be recognized for his heart, not his terrifying appearance


We all know that we are not perfect. Puppies can be born with physical deformities and limits that make others dislike them and even cause them to be rejected and terrified.

But honestly, who can blame these adorable creatures for being born with a disability? Is that why they deserve it less or don’t deserve a life full of respect and love?

It’s terrible that physical appearance has such a strong impact on people’s opinions, and this also applies to animals. As in the example of a dog, whose physiognomy could provoke aversion without taking into account the beautiful sensations hidden in that twisted face.

I wish there were no prejudices and everyone learned to love and appreciate others regardless of their circumstances. However, people who are considered unusual for violating customary patterns are often rejected in the most unfair manner.

Everyone who sees her flees and denies her the opportunity she deserves.


Bethany is an eight-month-old Labrador retriever. She was born with birth problems that damaged a large part of her small face.

She was saved from the streets of Ukraine and nothing has been easy for her since she was born.

She desperately needs a home to care for her.


She has become accustomed to being rejected by others who, upon seeing her, believe that she has something “contagious” and try to avoid her.

His eye is deviated, his vision is directed in the other direction, his muzzle is completely twisted towards the right side of his face and his teeth are completely showing.

When they first meet her, they assume she’s sick or violent, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Bethany has been at Safe Rescue for Dogs in England for quite some time and has had difficulty finding a home due to her physical appearance.

Bethany had the misfortune of being born ugly in this world of appearances.

“She is an excellent dog: she is healthy, friendly, happy, obedient and loves children,” says a shelter spokeswoman.


When a potential adoptive family approaches her and looks at her, they decide not to take her with them.

But Bethany, ever hopeful, believes that someone will come along who will overlook her flaws and appreciate the many strengths she possesses, allowing her to find a permanent home.


He hopes that at least one person discovers the light that hides in his heart.

“There is nothing wrong with Bethany; She doesn’t even snore from her while she sleeps,” said one of her volunteers who temporarily care for her.

People are unhappy with the opinion of the shelter staff, who know the dog from personal experience, and if they tell you that there is no danger in adopting Bethany it is because it is true.

“People wonder if we are sure we are doing the right thing and how we know.” We know she is fine because we have taken her to the vet several times.


“If she was that sick, they would have euthanized her because that’s their job,” shelter staff said. “But she’s totally cool, she’s the loveliest dog I’ve ever met.”

Many people hunt dogs just to show them off in pictures they post on social media so others can see how beautiful they are. Without considering that the tiny animals that have gone through terrible conditions in their lives are the ones that require the most love and care.


The people who care for Bethany know what she is like and never lose trust that a human being with a noble mind who sees the small animal’s compassion more than the physical one adopts her and offers her the opportunity to be part of a family.

“If I lived in that nation, I would not hesitate to adopt it; She is beautiful and she deserves a family that loves her; I pray to God that she is even happier and that she has a family that loves her and protects her from everything,” commented one Internet user.


Patience will soon arrive, little one, the one that sees through your blurred vision, the big heart you have. Never let appearances distract you from doing what is really worth doing.

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