Dog patiently waits for the masons to pour the new cement before lying down on it.

Dogs captivate our hearts with their nobility, their tenderness, and even with their mischief. Some, even if they have chaotic consequences, end up making us laugh a lot and remember how lucky we are to have them.

They are so innocent that it is impossible to claim them when their curiosity motivates them to have fun.

The cute little dog that stars in this video made the work of the masons who were in charge of making a cement floor get lost.

Francisco, one of the workers in charge of the construction, was upset when he saw the dog’s reaction after his hard work to make the floor as good as possible.

When the animal saw that the fresh cement had been poured, it simply thought that it was the perfect moment to walk and lay down peacefully to rest.

Everything was recorded in a video that was published on TikTok and soon captured the attention of thousands of people around the world. In a short time it reached more than 510 thousand reactions.

The scenes show the black dog lying on the fresh concrete after leaving paw prints all over the surface.

Francisco claims with humor: “ Are you comfortable? Just tell me if you are comfortable in the pin **e cement, cousin ”, says the construction worker in the video that has made everyone smile.

The puppy looked very happy before the bricklayer spoke to him, but later he became more serious when he noticed that the bricklayer was upset by his behavior.

The worker yelled at the dog asking it to move, the animal got up and walked away.

In the post of the TikTok video, many people questioned Francisco for treating the dog like this that only did an innocent mischief.

“Don’t be mad at them, they don’t know what’s right or wrong ,” wrote a user of the social network.

While other people took the situation with humor saying that the dog was only making sure that the work of the masons was good.

Given the conflicting opinions about the video in which Francisco claims the dog for ruining the work he did with his colleagues, he spoke out.

He did not want to miss the opportunity to clarify that the dog was not his, as many assumed, nor was it the owner of the property where they were doing the construction work.

“We were talking with the owner of the house and he says that this puppy is not his ,” said the bricklayer.

But he wants to adopt the dog , he said that if his video reached one million views, he would travel to the place where he met the mischievous dog to talk to his owner and try to adopt him.

After making him a celebrity and sharing such a memorable moment, he just wanted to make the dog part of his family.

In the video you can see that the dog had a collar, possibly it belongs to a family in the area, it is presumed that it is not a homeless animal.

The dog won everyone’s heart

The fact is that now, thousands of people are waiting to know the outcome of this story and to know if Francisco finally adopted the dog. In a publication, he stated that he was willing to give a financial reward in exchange for having the dog as a pet.

Surely the masons who worked on the construction of the floor of this house will never be able to forget the mischief of the little dog that made them repeat their journey after leaving their footprints on the fresh cement.

Without a doubt, dogs know how to make us smile with their innocent antics, they make our days more fun and full of color.

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