“Dog sees puma chasing a little girl, makes an unbelievable decision.”

There have been numerous accounts of a dog’s steadfast loyalty to its family, and this story from stands out among them.

Even if it happened back in 2008, the tale resonates as a stirring example of canine heroism.

It’s about thee bravery of a courageous dog willing to risk its life to protect two little girls from a vicious attack.

This incredible story hails back from Argentina and it all started when Sofie and Yoli, two young girls, ventured into a nearby forest to gather figs from a tree. They knew that the best and ripest ones were at the top of the trees.


Unaware of any danger, they climbed the tree, only to discover that they were not alone. To their horror, they spotted a puma perched in the same tree. Without hesitation, the wildcat attacked them.

It’s difficult to blame the puma, as it likely felt threatened and was simply trying to defend itself. However, on the other hand, it was indeed a life-threatening situation that no young girls should have to endure. This feline is one of the largest and most dangerous predators in South America, weighing up to 220 pounds.

As the girls jumped down from the tree and ran away, the mountain lion leaped down, hot on their heels. That’s when Sofie’s faithful dog, Morocho, sprang into action.


Despite being only half the weight of the 180-pound puma, Morocho, fearlessly confronted the predator, determined to shield the young girls. Sofie’s father, Tomas Bracamonte, was nearby and suddenly he heard a terrible noise.

The panicking father hurried to investigate the scene. To his dismay, he discovered Morocho, severely injured and sprawled on the ground. Just a few feet away lay the lifeless body of the puma. Morocho, a Dogo Argentino, had gallantly put his own life at risk to safeguard his loved ones, ultimately saving them from being killed.


The Dogo Argentino breed is a powerful and fearless breed renowned for its guardian instincts and unwavering bravery. Given its heritage as a big game hunting companion, it’s no surprise that this breed instinctively protects its family members

Tomas took Morocho and carried the dog back to their farm, where the entire family helped out with his recovery over the following ten days.

Miraculously, Morocho managed to heal and emerged as both a community and familial hero. The unwavering loyalty of a dog remains one of life’s greatest treasures. Morocho, you are undeniably a legend!

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