Dog sobs as a result of having to sell the cow that has been feeding him since he was a youngster.

A dog is the most sensitive creature  and its emotional reactions to painful situations break our hearts.

It is then that we do not fully understand how some dare to say that they do not have feelings. If you still doubt it, the story of little Rookie will not only convince you otherwise, but will leave you speechless.

This little dog lives with his family on a rural farm in South Korea. Despite the fact that precisely in that country dogs are not treated as they deserve, and many of them are exploited in farms to later sell their meat, fortunately that is not the case with Rookie.

The adorable puppy, despite having a family that loves him, not everything in his life was happiness. After having lost his mother when he was born, the little boy had to learn to live without maternal love, but his owners made sure that this place was taken over by a very particular and special being: the cow they had in the his farm.

This is how the cow became not only his friend and protector, but his real mother, who raised and cared for him. And Rookie learned to love her as such, to the point that he couldn’t conceive of her life without being next to her enormous friend: play with her, sleep with her, drink from the same source…

But unfortunately one day what everyone feared happened. Rookie’s owners, with very limited economic resources, found themselves in need of selling their cow in order to survive.

The time came when her owners just took her away, and Rookie knew that would be the end of it. He couldn’t resist it!

The dog broke down in tears because its owners were forced to sell the cow that raised it

Poor Rookie looked desperate as his friend and mother were taken away, unable to do anything about it, other than cry and demand that they return it to him, but all seemed lost.

Rookie’s owners were heartbroken, but they had no other solution. Thinking that it would only be temporary and that the little one would get used to it, they decided to continue with the plan to sell it. But to his surprise it was the opposite.

Rookie literally couldn’t live without her friend, they saw how her sad face never faded and she decided to stop eating.

The video of Rookie’s tears moves anyone. His pain was so great that he couldn’t help but burst into tears:

But, he had to do something, so he decided to look for the trail of his adoptive mother. He had to find her!

Her owners couldn’t believe when they saw how Rookie managed to use her nose and find the property where her friend was now kept.

Fortunately, it was not far and so he was able to find her. But even though the little boy breathed again when he saw her, they still couldn’t be together. And her heart broke again!

When his owners saw that hunger was consuming him, they told themselves that they could not do that to their beloved Rookie anymore, they would see how to get ahead, but the cow had to return.

After making all the arrangements with the new owners, they managed to bring her back, and if Rookie’s tears broke their hearts, other tears of happiness fell down her face at seeing the emotional reunion of this particular mother and her adopted son.

What an emotional reunion!

Rookie, who thought that moment would never come, kept wagging her tail of happiness.

These are the stories that make us fall in love and that deserve to be spread. It is wonderful to see how noble owners decided to postpone their most basic needs so as not to see their beloved puppy suffer. A story full of tenderness wherever you look at it.

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