During a Soccer Match, a Dog Interrupts the Action to Chew on a Player’s Shoe

His amusing act resulted in a really lovely ending. 💗

Cleats are typically exclusively worn by players during soccer games. One lovely stray dog, on the other hand, utilized the unique footwear as his ticket to the match.

And his strategy worked flawlessly.


A fluffy white dog named Cachito rushed onto the pitch during a Christmas Eve soccer match between The Strongest and Nacional Potosi in Bolivia. The dog was carrying a black Adidas cleat in his jaws, which he tried to show off to the players.

The competitors attempted to focus on the game, but the puppy was not going to be ignored. He pranced over the lawn, eluding the referees until the game was stopped.


The dog chose to lie down and joyfully gnaw on the shoe now that the spotlight was finally on him. The announcers couldn’t stop talking about how cute the puppy was, and he became the match’s star in just a few minutes.

Here’s a video of his lovely entrance:

When a few players approached the puppy, he rolled over for belly rubs and soaked in the love and pets. Cachito then permitted a player to carry him off the field so that the game could resume.

Until a photo of the lovely stray appeared on social media, no one knew what had happened to him. Someone commented on how ill the dog looked huddled up outside in the downtown area.

A campaign to find the dog a home was initiated, but they didn’t have to seek far before Ral Castro, one of The Strongest’s players, chose to adopt him and cover all of his vet fees.

Despite the fact that The Strongest won the contest that day, Cachito stole a shoe and people’s hearts, establishing himself as the true champion.

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