During one of the most condemned activities: tugging and pulling, a horse collapses from weariness.

Horses are undoubtedly one of the most powerful and representative animals in different cultures. Many times they are used to practice sports or even as therapy for various health problems. But what happens when these extreme practices put the lives of animals in jeopardy?  This Sunday, a shooting and dragging test was carried out in the Valencian town of Riba-roja de Turía, Valencia , which featured a sad scene captured by a group of activists.

The images were taken by Animalist Party (PACMA).

In the image you can see a horse carrying a cart full of sacks, the little animal moving with difficulty while some people encourage it to keep moving. However , this was not enough and after a short while, he was exhausted . PACMA has issued a statement that states the following:

“This is another example of animal abuse when shooting and pulling is normal, not exceptional… The team hasn’t recorded any shoot-and-pull championships in almost a year.”

The fact has shocked all the activists and especially the animalist party, which highlights that a few days ago Italy was outraged with this type of practice. We cannot deny that the images reveal unfair treatment that sensitizes everyone who loves and respects animals as life itself .

The video has gone viral, capturing the attention of animal lovers around the world, causing the reaction of thousands of users.

The animalist party is not only working hard to stop this type of activity, which unfortunately some see as recreation and sport, it also denounces that the practice of shooting and dragging is financed with public money . This is not the first time that the type of treatment to which defenseless little horses are subjected has been evidenced.

The horse must carry a cart that triples its weight, enduring high temperatures.

A couple of years ago, strong images were revealed in the shooting and dragging championship in various Valencian towns, in which the harsh treatment of the horses was evidenced, resulting in injuries to the head and lower parts, and they also received insults . Some pull and drag representatives have tried to defend themselves by arguing that they eliminated the use of the rod to push the animals or deals that put their lives at risk. However, PACMA contradicts the argument:

“All these are mere excuses, because the pulling and dragging is unfair treatment of animals in itself.”

PACMA will continue to denounce this type of behavior, we, aware that animals are our passion, we must support it . It is not fair that some people’s satisfaction and pleasure depend on the unfair treatment of horses.

Protecting animals is our way of life, let’s share a note together to achieve our goal of ending practices that put the lives of the most vulnerable at risk.

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