Elephants at the Oregon Zoo Playfully Smash a Giant Pumpkin During a Festival

In celebration of the autumn season, the 23rd Squishing of the Squash festival took place at Oregon Zoo, featuring the delightful antics of playful elephants.

The eventโ€™s highlight was the smashing and devouring giant pumpkins, providing a yummy treat for these gentle giants.

At the festival, the resident elephants reveled in the joyous moment as they stomped and crashed the massive pumpkins, eagerly reaching their soft and delectable inner flesh.

Watch the video at the end.

As a result, some of the elephants ended up with orange-colored trunks, showcasing their enthusiastic participation.

Image 1604

A whopping 1,200 pounds of orange-colored pumpkins were generously supplied for the elephants to crush and savor.

The herd of elephants thoroughly enjoyed themselves, relishing in the playful activity of crushing and consuming the pumpkins.

This annual tradition at Oregon Zoo not only provides entertainment but also serves to stimulate the elephants mentally.

Image 1603

However, it wasnโ€™t just the elephants who enjoyed these seasonal treats. Other animals residing in the zoo, including ring-tailed lemurs, river otters, and porcupines, were also provided with smaller pumpkins to engage with.

The sight of the elephants stomping and crushing the giant pumpkins was a spectacle that brought joy to both the zooโ€™s animals and animal lovers alike.

Image 1602

The harmless destruction was an entertaining sight, making the Squishing of the Squash festival a delightful experience for everyone involved.

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