Enchanting Delight: Chiang Mai’s Baby Elephant Charms Tourists with Its Adorable апtісѕ

The adorable baby elephant in Chiang Mai is beloved by everyone, and visitors can come and play with it. With its cute and mіѕсһіeⱱoᴜѕ nature, the baby elephant has become a popular attraction for those who want to experience closeness with this magnificent creature. Come and exрɩoгe the precious and humorous world of this lovely baby elephant in Chiang Mai.

Patara’s “Baby Elephant For A Day” is the ideal trip to learn about, and to care for our elephants. The emphasis is care of our pregnant elephants and mothers with small babies. You will have quality time with us to learn about our conservation philosophy “Elephant Conservation in Action”

Chú voi con trong một ngày

You will be taking part of our daily healthcare routine which includes health inspection, feeding, walking with the elephants for exercise and also to the water for drinking and bathing. You will be able to observe them interacting among their families in natural environments. Our knowledgeable staff will be providing you with information regarding their daily care.

Chú voi con trong một ngày

This trip will not include riding any elephants. It is suitable for all, especially friends, family with children, and lovers.

This сoѕt includes transportation to and from your hotel in downtown, a very specialized and educational trip with elephants, Thai picnic Ьгeаk, drinking water and complimentary photos of your activities.


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