Even though this small fox will undoubtedly perish, he has hope.

You must have heard the saying “hope is lost in the end”, this is a story that shows us the importance of keeping the flame of hope burning. The worst that can happen is to believe that all is lost and give up the effort to continue fighting for what you want and even worse if we miss the chance to save a life.

Here’s what happened to this baby fox, named Red because of its red fur. It was found near the site of a factory in Oldham, England .

When they found her, she appeared to be lifeless, and despite the factory workers’ efforts to get her to react, she showed no signs of life.

Seeing that their efforts weren’t working, they called Paul McDonald, a local animal expert and work at   Freshfields Animal Rescue  in Liverpool.

Paul commented that the first thing he thought, based on his experience, was that the chances of this type of fox surviving in these conditions were close to zero. However, Paul never lost hope.

Paul explains that although the prognosis was not encouraging, he still felt a weak heartbeat and breathing, and he did not hesitate to do everything in his power to save this little girl’s life, which is why he contacted a trusted veterinarian with Sara. at Parker Crowther Vets .

Paul trusted the ethics, values ​​and professionalism of this veterinarian, he knew that she would do everything possible to save Red, even if she did not have the money immediately.

Paul comments that fortunately he was wrong in the initial evaluation of some of Red’s symptoms, his breathing rhythm and heartbeat were normal, there were no signs of a fracture, he had severe dehydration and a low body temperature.

The treatment was immediate, intravenous hydration, as well as the supply of antibiotics. All with the hope that Red would wake up and get out of this critical picture. After staying several nights at the vet Red was transferred to Freshfields Animal Rescue.

When he arrived at the shelter, Red was able to move, however he was still too weak to stand up and walk. For a couple of additional days she continued syringe feeding.

To Paul’s surprise one night when he entered the unit to feed Red, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing… Red had stood up on his own!

Paul comments that it was impossible to hold back the tears because of the great happiness he had to see that Red was recovering against all odds.

Paul confesses that, although he never gave up the fight to keep Red’s breath, he was convinced that he would not survive, this experience was like a miracle in front of his eyes and has changed his vision of rescuing animals of this nature.

The days that followed, Red began to walk on her own. It is true that her steps were wobbly, but they showed Red’s determination to achieve her recovery.

Another fox arrived at the shelter that was found behind a shed in Wirral  , he received the name of Bruno. They were both the same age, which was very convenient for them to quickly accept each other, making a nice friendship.

The foxes that are puppies are very sociable animals and it is very important that while they are in the shelter not to leave them without a company of their kind, thus preventing them from becoming very docile foxes, which makes it difficult to release them into their habitat when they are already are recovered.

Finding Bruno was a great relief for Red.

Both puppies are improving and their recovery is on an excellent path. A few weeks later they were released progressively, this means that initially their release was in an outdoor enclosure, giving them the opportunity to explore the sights and smells of nature while gaining more security.

It’s a safe place, there they have an outside area with branches and shelves for them to climb on and a shed to hide.

While in this enclosure, meals are provided for a few days until they locate their landmarks and become capable of reaching for food on their own.

If you want to know about the progress of Red and Bruno you can click here .

When they are completely comfortable, enabled and prepared to live in their natural habitat, they will be left in total freedom. You can help the organization If you want to help Freshfields Animal Rescue you can do so by making a donation and for that you can click here .

You can also help by sponsoring an animal and for that you can click here .

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Please share this beautiful story, it shows us why we should always keep hope and not give in to circumstances. There is always a reason to fight.

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