Exploring the Tiefen: 403 Full-Scale Human Statues Below the Water’s Surface

Cancun Underwater Museum or MUSA is an unusual exhibition of sculptures made by Jason DeCaires Taylor placed in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc in Mexico.

The National Marine Park and the Cancun Nautical Association worked with artist Jason deCaires Taylor to create the spectacular project, which included over 403 permanent life-size sculptures. It is regarded as the most avant-garde underwater art installation.

All the sculptures in Cancun Underwater Museum are made from specialized materials, with pH-neutral concrete, planned to become artificial reefs and to promote coral life.

You probably wonder who all these characters are. The surprise is that Taylorโ€™s inspiration of Cancun Underwater Museum is based on members of the local community. The project comprises of four installations: the Burning Man, the Gardener of Hope, the Silent Evolution (represented by the sculptures in the image below).

The primary goal of the museum is to illustrate how nature and environmental science interact symbolically and how this relationship creates a complex structure for marine life.

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