Fearful residents report seeing a terrifying 7-foot beast wandering the streets.

A mysterious “half human, half animal” seven-foot beast was captured on video prowling along the streets

For centuries, tales of monsters such as the Yeti and Big Foot have haunted the world. Several alleged sightings of such creatures have sparked speculation and debate, but the mysteries remain unsolved.

Another case from Argentina involves a strange beast walking the streets of Santa Fe. It is said to be half human and half animal and to have savaged two dogs before being caught on camera.

One user claimed that it’s a vampire like creature identified as Chupacabra which is a part of Latin folklore (Photo: YouTube)

The creature that killed a pitbull and a German shepherd is also being compared to a camel due to its long neck and small head. The video has been viewed over million times after it was uploaded on YouTube.

While one commenter claimed to have seen a similar creature in 2005, another said it was like a Filipino legend in which a man transforms into a monster dog. Another person claimed it was a vampire-like creature known as Chupacabra, which is a part of Latin folklore.

Some comments:

– I saw one of these here in Texas about 10 years ago, only it was smaller as if it were a younger one of these things. I was on a rural road just a mile or two from where I live, it was early morning, still dark, around 4am and it walked out into my path, I stopped, it stopped briefly in my headlights and I could see it wasn’t any normal creature local to this area such as a small deer etc. I had two passengers with me and we were awestruck at the site of it. It then walked on to the other side of the road and disappeared into a wooded area. I haven’t seen it or anything like it since then…until now.

– My mother saw something like this in North America on her way to the hospital. Her and the man about to go past her from the other side opened his window and mouthed “what the f*ck?” It was thicker though, like a common lore werewolf shape. It was most likely a manged wild animal…Poor doggies.

– In Argentina, it was known as Lobizón (Wolf Man), according to legend, it was the seventh child, only if all the children were boys did the child later become a Wolf Man. But like all myths, it’s always hard to believe.

– There’s another video with unexplained creature running across the freeway that looks just like this. Another one jumps in front of some guy on his bike. I think it’s the same creature.

– So a Chupacabra/Werewolf mix exists?

– Just a little bit terrifying!

– Maybe is a werewolf, or a chupakabra, or maybe a hell hound, who knows

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