Firefighters were forced to cut the tube where a helpless puppy had been imprisoned for five hours.

The dog is a fascinating animal, which never ceases to amaze us with its loyalty and ability to love us. However, regardless of race or age, they are also curious, mischievous beings who love to explore the world around them, which often leads them to get into serious trouble, which can even cost them their lives.

As happened to one of these intrepid, brave, but very crazy canine who was found by members of the Kennett Fire Department, in Arbyrd, Missouri, United States, with her head trapped in a pipe .

Rescue officials received a call reporting the fact. Apparently, the street dog was in that distressing situation for five continuous hours . Although many people approached to try to free her, it was impossible for them, so she required the intervention of the fire brigade .

Upon arrival they realized that the matter was not easy to solve. However, after careful and exhaustive work to free the animal, they managed to extract its head from the pipe and rescue it . Now, her next step will be to find her a home worthy of her, which both she and any person living on the street deserve.

According to the volunteers, the furry girl was trapped with no way out in that place at around eight in the morning on Thursday, May 20, in a town known as Black Gold Potato Farm.

Getting her out of her predicament took a lot of effort, as well as special equipment. In fact, with all their logistical capacity, as we said before, it took them five straight hours to achieve the goal of cutting the tube without causing harm to the animal .

“We were very careful with where we were cutting, the way we were cutting, trying to keep the animal calm, which was the hardest thing, actually. I was very scared and it was not for less,” said the fire chief of this department, Paul Spain.

When she was finally in a safe and secure place, the poor dog was truly exhausted and with a high level of dehydration and malnutrition , according to Paul Spain himself.

Immediately, the canine had to be transferred still inside a piece of the pipe to the Kennett Veterinary Clinic , where the doctors sedated her to be able to completely remove the metal piece that imprisoned her. Once she became aware of her freedom, she began to wag her tail in thanks to those who saved her.

“He was wagging his tail every time (the pipe) was removed, and he became more aware, so it was a very good result. Pet life is just as important as human life to many of us. We were delighted that they even called us”, added Spain.

Now that the cute stray dog is in good hands, we are sure that she will soon find a new home full of love, respect, appreciation and affection that every living being on this planet requires to live in peace.

Share this story with your friends, loved ones and close family members. Hopefully this dog’s curiosity and hunger won’t get her into more trouble in the future.

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