Five street youngsters refused to give up in order to save a puppy.

Some little children from Arusha, Tanzania, ɱaпaged to save the life of a puppy with a tender gesture . The little children were returning from school when they noticed that next to a busy avenue there was a very scared puppy.

The five heroes in this story are named Goodluck, Casbert, Caren, Princes, and Kenny.

Despite their young age, the children immediately thought that the dog was in danger there . He could try to cross the street and get hit by traffic; or he could be hit by a motorcycle or a car that  ran over . They decided to take him to a safer place, and as soon as they started to get close to him, the cute little dog wouldn’t stop wagging his tail at him.

In Tanzania, dogs are used for protection, which is why ɱaпy people are afraid of them.

They called him Jack and the first thing they thought of once they got him to safety was to open the door of his house for him, but his parents did not agree. The little ones turned out to be true heroes, and they weren’t going to give up until they found a safe place for their new friend.

There have been official campaigns to treat Tanzanian stray dogs like the plague.

That is how they decided to take him to the home of Ismael Mungaya, a local ɱaп who has a small shelter in his parents’ house . Mungaya is a lover and protector of animals; and although he does not have much space or resources, he does everything he can to help the street animals and keeps them up to date on vaccinations, dewormed and sterilized.

Mungaya has been using her limited resources to improve the lives of her local animals for two years now.

When the children arrived with Jack, the Mungaya shelter was overcrowded. But the children’s concern for the puppy made Mungaya offer him a space .

“I didn’t have a lot of cage space, but because of their commitment to helping Jack, I told myself I had to help them.”

Ishmael was touched by the children’s gesture and assured them that he would keep him safe until he grew up and became stronger. Meanwhile, he has started to give her all the medical care ; and he hopes that very soon someone will want to adopt cute Jack.

“Even though their parents did nothing but reject the dog, the children did everything they could to help it .”

The cute pup has settled in wonderfully and has been able to make friends with two other Mungaya protected dogs named Oreo and Daisy. He often receives visits from the five children who saved his life and is always very happy when he arrives.

“These children showed a lot of kindness and commitment. I learned that love has no limits ”.

These children show how pure and loving the hearts of the little ones can be. Without a doubt, little Jack will always be grateful to them.

We invite you to share this tender story to show the great love that these little ones showed for the puppy.

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