For the first time, a cute 2-week-old elephant learns to blow bubbles in the water (Video)

Do you recall the first time you learnt how to use a straw to pump your milkshake? Or when you first started blowing bubbles in the tub? A baby elephant has the same sensation.

At Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona, a beautiful two-week-old baby elephant is now at that point when she learns to utilize her trunk, with her latest skill being to blow bubbles in the water.

Baby elephants have no idea what to do with their trunks when they’re born, other than swing them back and forth and occasionally tread on them.

Many infant elephants sucke their trunks like babies sucking their thumbs, and it takes them six to eight months to learn to eat and drink using their trunks. As a result, this newborn girl must be quite bright.

The zoo’s video, which shows an unnamed girl with Semba and a tub of water as she performs a brief maneuver using her trunk to suck water and blow bubbles, her ears flapping wildly as she played, shows her with Semba and a tub of water as she performs a brief maneuver using her trunk to suck water and blow bubbles, her ears flapping wildly as she played.

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