Fortunately, the man heard the helpless dog’s cries for aid after it had been attacked by a snake, and a daring rescue was carried out.

Owning a pet in Asia can be risky due to the presence of snakes and other wild animals that may prey on them, as evidenced by this frightening incident. A 9-week-old puppy named Jasper was almost consumed whole by a carpet python in a field.

The attack happens suddenly as Jasper sniffs around, and the python emerges from behind a bush and seizes him. Jasper struggles to escape, but the snake holds on tightly.

Thankfully, a man nearby hears the puppy’s cries and rushes to his aid. It takes some effort, but eventually, the man manages to free Jasper from the serpent’s grip and tosses the python away.

In the end, both animals were unharmed except for a bite on Jasper’s ear, which his owners promptly treated. Despite the scary encounter, Jasper quickly bounced back to his playful self. It’s worth noting that the python is also an amazing and harmless creature.



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