Frame-Off Restoration: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

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Various circumstances mean that some enthusiasts aren’t able to tackle a project build. Therefore, a turnkey vehicle is their best option to enter the world of classic car ownership. That opportunity awaits the winning bidder when the auction ends on this 1968 Corvette Convertible. A previous owner performed a frame-off restoration, and it has led a sheltered existence since. Its presentation is hard to fault, and it has the muscle to back its stunning good looks. It deserves a close look if you have searched for a C3 Corvette needing nothing but a new home.

Chevrolet delayed the release of the C3 Corvette due to minor development issues, but an eager buying public immediately embraced the latest model when it hit showroom floors. It set a new sales record of 28,566 during its first year and would continue to thrive throughout its remaining fifteen-year production run. The first owner ordered this Convertible in British Green, and faulting its presentation following the frame-off restoration performed by the second owner is almost impossible. It has been pampered since the work ended, and the seller includes photos and documentation tracing the process of returning the car to a factory-fresh state. The paint looks flawless, coating fiberglass showing no evidence of cracks or distress. The seller supplies no underside shots, but the lack of visible surface corrosion suggests the frame and birdcage should be rock-solid. The Convertible features a factory hardtop and a Black soft-top that fits as tight as a drum. The trim and glass are as impressive as you should rightly expect from a car of this caliber, and the spotless Rally wheels add the perfect finishing touch.

Chevrolet offered 1968 Corvette buyers a choice of six optional V8s to slide under the hood of their new purchase, and this car’s first owner wielded their pen enthusiastically when ordering this classic. They selected a 427ci V8, a four-speed manual transmission, a 3.36 rear end, and power steering. The big-block is the L36 version, placing 390hp and 460 ft/lbs of torque at the driver’s disposal. That made it a potent beast that would command as much respect today as it undoubtedly received in 1968. The seller doesn’t specifically state it is numbers-matching, although that is the impression conveyed in their listing. They recently rebuilt its original Rochester carburetor, ensuring this gem runs and drives perfectly. They include significant documentation tracing its history, confirming it is a turnkey proposition.

I like consistency with any classic, and this Corvette delivers on that front. Its interior is as spotless as the exterior and will cause the new owner no shame if they drive around with the top down. The Black vinyl trim appears flawless, with no signs of wear or abuse. The carpet hasn’t faded, and the plastic is in as-new condition. There appear to be no aftermarket additions beyond the extinguisher sitting in the passenger-side footwell. The buyer receives a factory AM/FM radio and power windows, both desirable options among enthusiasts.

The seller listed this 1968 Corvette Convertible here on eBay in Naalehu, Hawaii. Bidding has raced past the reserve, sitting at $24,656 at the time of writing. That means it will find a new home shortly, and there is still time for interested parties to make a play for this beauty. It has led a sheltered life and is obviously the seller’s pride and joy. The best way to guarantee it continues to be pampered would be for one of our dedicated readers to become its next custodian. Are you tempted to make that happen?

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