From Hopelessness to Triumph: Delivering a Dog from the Torment of a Tar Pit and the Stunning Scene of Observing Kids’ Memorable Salvation

A group of animal rights defenders rescued three poor puppies that were abandoned…  They left them lying in a tar pit . The moment in which they were saved is overwhelming, anyone’s heart breaks when they see the suffering of these poor boys. Who would be capable of leaving them stranded, in such terrible conditions?  It’s very difficult to imagine that someone is so cruel as to do something like that to them

The passers-by who found them were passing through Noyabrsk, Russia, when they suddenly saw the puppies in danger. They were stranded on the asphalt, unable to move, since they were covered in tar and it stuck to the ground, leaving them trapped . The volunteers who arrived managed to get three of the boys out of there, despite the difficulty, but unfortunately the fourth dog died during the rescue operation. How painful

One of the volunteers, whose name has not been revealed but it is known that he collaborated a lot in the operation, stated the following: ” We tried to remove the tar that was stuck to their skins, we were there until midnight .” “We were able to remove the largest pieces of tar, it was really stuck to the dogs’ skin.”h-a-n-h

The operation became so difficult that the volunteers had to call Nikolay Kostuk, a veterinarian who came to the scene to continue trying to get the boys out of there. The professional said that he would put the animals to sleep temporarily to remove what was left of tar on their skins  since, otherwise, if they were kept awake it would be very painful and he did not know if they could resist it.

«The puppies could not simply perish and leave this world. Many people helped to save them. It is true that they were very weak, since they spent a lot of time in the tar and  one of them even had some in his mouth ,” said Olga Beliakova, one of the volunteers who also collaborated to save them.

Who left them there, and why? Until now nothing is known. The rescue operation carried out by these people was successful, fortunately there are good people like them. The truly unfortunate thing is that one of the dogs has not survived… We sincerely hope that the others recover  and can find a home where they will be cared for and given the love they deserve.Share this story with your friends! I hope they can find the cupables!

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