Funny dog ​​surprises mom with gifts while she’s taking a shower

It seems to reason that most dogs thrive on affection and quality time if animals experience the same five love languages as people. Then there is Fin, who similarly communicates through giving things frequently.

It is debatable, though, whether he is giving the presents sincerely or has another goal in mind. Fin doesn’t like his mother taking showers very much. There is less time to play since she has been gone for such a long period. The smart dog therefore devised an innovative plan to capture her interest. In an effort to encourage her to open the bathroom door once more, he started sending gifts—all kinds of household items—to it. Fin’s mother, Vee Thayer, claims that Fin takes a few objects to the door while I’m in the shower to try if any of them will persuade me to open the door. When I open it, I occasionally find a variety of goods; other times, there is only one item.

Thayer was first understandably perplexed. But eventually, she started to anticipate the unexpected gifts. It is impossible to foretell what they will be. Duct tape, tongs, shampoo, socks, his dog bed, a bowl of his food, hangers, and a box of Post-its are some of her favorite items he has given her. Together, she and Fin have even developed a small custom: “Every time I open the door, I always say thank you and inspect everything. When the door opens, his face crackles with the sweetest pride and worry, as if to say, “Oh gosh, I hope I brought the correct thing!

Fin is an extremely lively puppy who appears to believe that the correct combination of objects can persuade his owners to return from wherever they have gone so that they may play with him instead. In an effort to get his father home earlier from work, he has created another charming tradition. “He’ll sit in a precise location near the corner of the carpet in our living room and wait,” explains Thayer, “when he knows it’s almost time for dog dad to arrive home from work.” He will grasp more toys and objects the longer you wait. It appears as though he is searching for “the item” that will prompt his father to open the door.

Fin’s beautiful content has gained him a large fan base on Instagram and TikTok, and he doesn’t seem to have any immediate intentions to quit. Watch the videos below to view some of his previous picks while keeping up with the story to find out what present he will be delivering next.

While his mother is in the shower, Fin the dog misses her. He thus came up with an intriguing plan to catch her eye: he places small presents outside the toilet door.

Fin is a very playful pup, and seems to think the right assemblage of items is the key to getting his humans to come back from wherever they’ve gone and play with him instead.

His mother, Vee, is now looking forward to the surprises because it’s impossible to foresee what he’ll bring.

She remarks, “When the door opens, his face is the prettiest.” “Oh god, I hope I brought the appropriate item! It’s a mixture of pride and concern.”

Duct tape, tongs, shampoo, socks, his dog bed, a bowl of his food, hangers, and a box of Post-its are some of her favorite items he has given her.

It’s safe to say that he always wants to play!

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