Get discouraged! Desperate To Fight The Giant Lizard, The King Cobra

Despair strikes as a king cobra finds itself in a desperate fight against a giant lizard in the wild. Cobras inject venom into their prey, allowing them to actively attack and kill animals in the wild. Unfortunately, this also means that the appearance of a king cobra can bring about cruel deaths and horrific conflicts with other creatures, even their own kind. As a meat-eating snake, the king cobra will not hesitate to attack any animal that poses a threat to it.

Typically, the king cobra is very careful when approaching prey that is high risk, often retreating when necessary. However, when faced with hunger, one king cobra made the mistake of defying a large lizard. The cobra attempted short-term strikes, but soon realized its error. Despite the lizard not being venomous or having any great strength to kill a king cobra, its size, thick skin, and strong jaw made it a formidable opponent that the cobra could not defeat.

Even after the cobra had swallowed its prey, the lizard was not deterred and attacked the cobra with ferocity. The cobra was left defenseless and unable to protest against the lizard’s onslaught. The king cobra never expected that its last meal would be two fat mice. The lizard, fearless and unafraid to fight even other venomous snakes, found the weak points of the snakes and went straight for the tail, delivering a critical blow that disoriented the snake. The thick, poisonous skin of the king cobra was no match for the lizard’s deadly attack.

In the end, the king cobra met its demise, as the lizard quickly grabbed its prey and began to slowly eat from the tail. This confrontation between the two animals is a harsh reminder of the dangers of the wild, and the importance of respecting the natural instincts of all creatures that inhabit it

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