In a small garden, where the sun shines an and the wind is gentle, there is a beautiful little girl with strawberry round. With her light-fronted hair and large, rusty eyes like pearls, she looked around with interesting curiosity.

Her slightly pitted cheeks and cute smile made her even more adorable under the dawn light. The little girl hopped happily between the rows of strawberries, like the grass having fun in the green lawn.

Sometimes, the little girl runs around the garden, holding a large, bright red strawberry, as if wanting to share joy with everyone around her.Every every time she smiles, the hearts of everyone around her seem to be renewed by the inocence and joy of childhood.

The little strawberry girl is not only a symbol of purity and inocence, but also an end inexhaustible source of inspiration for everyone around her, like a mаɡісаɩ and darling thing ing in everyday life.