Happy Baby Elephant Jumps Into River Under Mother’s Watchful Eye

Witness an adorable moment as a baby elephant gleefully splashes in a river under the watchful eye of its caring mother.

Filmed in Khwaeng Khlong Maha Nak, Bangkok, this heartwarming video captures the playful calf enjoying the water while its vigilant mother ensures its safety.

Image 2996

Delight in the joyous scenes as the calf leaps into the water and rolls around, creating playful splashes that will warm your heart.

The footage, recorded on March 22 by local cameraman Channarong Tom Srisa-ard, aged 28, portrays the calf’s joyful water play under the careful supervision of its mother.

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The area where this heartwarming scene was filmed serves as an elephant conservation zone dedicated to promoting the ethical treatment of these majestic creatures.

This touching moment follows a recent clip from the same region, where an experienced “nanny” elephant demonstrated mud play to a curious baby.

In that footage, the adult elephant immersed itself in the mud, offering a playful lesson to the observing baby elephant on enjoying such muddy delights.

Image 2998

Captured within an elephant conservation area emphasizing ethical treatment, the video showcases the natural behaviors of these majestic creatures, adding to the understanding and appreciation of their lives.

Another heartening video filmed at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand by Save the Asian Elephants volunteer Steph Snowdon displays a calf guided by its instincts as it approaches a mud patch, eager to experience the joy of wallowing.

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