Happy that his family remembered his birthday, the little puppy

To make a puppy happy you do not need great luxuries , these noble beings are so grateful that it is enough to pay attention to them, give them a place to eat and sleep, but above all, show them true love so that your furry is happy forever.

They will return that multiplied love in the form of fidelity and gratitude that can be infinite.

A happy little dog is excited to celebrate his birthday.

All dog lovers make it a priority to make them happy and remind them with small gestures of love that they are not just a pet, but a very important member of the family .

For this reason, there are those who decide to celebrate his birthday with a small party with large doses of love for the furry honoree.

His family made him a dog cake and made some decorations, it was a very special day.

This is the story of Odin, a small-legged dog that does not stop wagging its tail every time it is happy .

This adorable ball of fur lives with his family in Mexico , he was adopted three years ago and since then, he has become the darling of the house and the main protagonist of tender and funny anecdotes. Joyce Cetina , Odin’s human sister , commented on this:

“He is a very faithful companion. He loves to cuddle and play.”

He recently had a birthday and his parents decided to surprise him with a house party to show him how much they love him.

For this family, everything changed completely since little Odin was part of their home , so celebrating his life was the perfect occasion to record one of the most moving moments.

His tender expression reflected how happy he was.

With colorful decorations and a beautiful cake for dogs, they decorated the place to reveal the surprise to the darling of the house. Every detail was prepared so that little Odin could enjoy his day From him.

He was so happy that he did not stop smiling and maintained an adorable expression throughout the sharing.

“At first I was a bit confused, I didn’t understand what it was about. Then he saw that attention was focused on him, and that the cake was for him. He was very happy,” Joyce said.

The celebration could not end without singing the happy birthday song , so his adoptive mother put the puppy near the table where the cake was, the rest of the family surrounded him and everyone sang birthday.

Little Odin was really excited, he had all the attention of his favorite people .

They not only celebrated their anniversary but all the love they feel for the puppy.

After singing, some pictures were taken and Odin received many gifts, although material things complemented the puppy’s happiness, his family points out that what he enjoyed the most were all the hugs and kisses he received .

For this puppy the most important thing is all the love he receives from his family.

Although the family was celebrating Odin’s birthday, for them the best gift in the world was having adopted him three years ago when they welcomed a miniature puppy that completely transformed their lives. Joyce commented on it:

“Of course, Odin is loved and pampered throughout the year. But for us, this is an important day because it is the day that he entered our lives. He makes us very happy ”.

It is undeniable that puppies can make time with them a valve of happiness for both furry ones and people.

These four-legged angels are synonymous with love, calm and happiness. Hopefully all the puppies in the world have someone to celebrate life with and receive that dose of love they deserve so much.

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