He captures the moment when his bulldog pet snaps and aggressively demands a spot on the couch.

A sweet little bulldog puppy is melting millions of hearts online after her enraged owner recorded her demanding the comfortable spot next to her on the couch, the one she deserves.

No one can deny that all puppies are beautiful, cuddly and adorable. But, bulldogs have something special that makes them look extremely sweet with their fluffy body and dozens of folds.

It is impossible to avoid ending up caressing them and showering them with kisses even if we end up covered in drool in the process.

The enraged bulldog puppy knew how to demand her rights

The cuteness of bulldogs is even more irresistible when they are babies and, little by little, they show their true personality.

Just like a little bulldog puppy did who, despite being a few weeks old, demonstrated her strength and determination by demanding a comfortable place to rest from her owner.

There’s no doubt that when it comes to tantrums, bulldog puppies often have the most daring attitudes. And, in a video that’s gone viral, we see little baby Greta trying to get her way through a spirited argument with her dad.

Few could imagine that behind that tiny baby an indomitable creature was hiding.

“This is one of the most adorable pups I have ever seen. I hope my dog never throws such a big tantrum at me , because I will surely end up complying with each and every one of his whims, ”commented a netizen.

It seems that Greta was very angry about something . She hovered around Daddy’s feet with an annoyed expression on her face, disappointed that she was denied a spot on the couch. But her cute appearance didn’t help more than to cause a big laugh in her father and Greta, enraged, decided to fight him!

Greta can’t imagine that she’s actually the sweetest little thing

“She is so beautiful that even when she is angry she looks cute. How to be afraid of someone so cute . I’m dying of laughter. I have seen the video more than once and it always ended up unleashing thousands of laughs”, said another netizen.

Greta lets out a spectacular bark, growling and muttering around the rug. The little baby girl jumps up and down and snorts with angry barks.

However, her attempts to be fierce keep failing, as only innocent shrieks come out of her mouth!

His fury translates into sweet moans that end up making anyone fall in love

But Greta doesn’t let herself be beaten. She faces her owner without stopping, raising her front legs. But, just as she was about to launch herself at her father, she ended up hitting herself with the bottom of a table .

It was then that her owner quickly set out to pick her up to pamper her and comfort her for the blow she had received.

She wasn’t even able to control her clumsy movements, to the point that she needs to be comforted.

Her dad held her and placed her on the sofa. And suddenly, all the anger Greta had had vanished into thin air . She finally stopped being grumpy and took over the sofa delighted, that was all she wanted.

Our hearts exploded with this cuteness overload! You can’t miss the video :

Without a doubt, only animals can make us feel so much joy and happiness. Regardless of their size, they know how to take over our hearts and become a more than crucial part of our lives.

They are an endless box of tenderness and sweetness

Greta’s tender ferocious attack leaves us with a permanent smile on our faces that no owner would change for anything, remember that if you are looking for sincere friendship, you can find it in a little animal.

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