He discovers his Golden holding his younger sibling’s head in his mouth to fend him off.

Even if you deny it and try to convince yourself that it is you who imposes the rules in your house, deep down you know that your dog is the real king . If you are still not convinced that your dog is the darling of the family, keep reading and you will understand why.

In the home of Sara Morrow, located in rural Oregon, United States, Murphy is the lord and master of the place. In addition, he is the mentor in charge of watching over 5 reckless cats, 21 feathered ones, 2 robust little pigs and Dellilah, a long-eared rabbit . He is the boss, and he makes sure that everyone lives in healthy peace and harmony.

“Murphy loves to chase birds, loves to swim, loves chickens, snuggling with our cat Toodles and going on hikes. He and our rabbit, Delilah, love each other so much that they each dug a hole on each side of the fence to be close. He is a very loving gentle giant,” Morrow said.

But since no reign is forever, when Morrow brought home an English setter pup named Archie, his antics made Murphy’s job as sentinel a little more difficult. However, it is such a noble animal that, despite the puppy’s follies, he loves it as if it were his son.

Murphy and Archie hit it off right away. Archie follows him around and Murphy plays the hall monitor. If Archie is playing too rough with any of the cats, Murphy gets in the way,” added Sara Morrow.

From time to time, Murphy , a golden retriever, has to do justice when Archie crosses seven towns from the line . And it is that, his brother is pure energy, he does not get tired of playing, of doing mischief and getting completely out of control.

Before, to keep him calm, Murphy used his soft muzzle, where he inserted the head of his best friend and dog brother. It was a fairly common scene, so when he did it, Morrow didn’t flinch. She only limited herself to smiling, amused to see them, as she herself remembers.

Murphy is very kind to all the animals we have. He has never been aggressive with anyone. On the contrary, he is extremely protective of them. In Archie’s case, well, obviously he always wants to get his way,” Morrow concluded.

However, that old practice of the head in the muzzle stopped working and was discarded by Murphy, since his younger brother has already grown a lot. Although, this does not prevent him from keeping an eye on Archie, always alert to get him out of the mess he sets up.

Share this fun story of canine nobility and fraternity with everyone. As you can see, the world is ruled by our best furry friends, and we simply share a home with them. To confirm it, we brought you the case of Murphy and his dear and crazy Archie of him.

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