He has cosmetic surgery on his dog to remove a kilogram of skin from his face.

We all love a Neapolitan Mastiff dog . The furry of this breed are characterized by their enormous size and by having several wrinkles in their beautiful fur .

Unfortunately, these wrinkles have been a big problem for a mastiff named Neo. The skin on his head area began to form very uncomfortable folds for him .

“Her vision was poor due to the conformation of her eyelids and extremely heavy facial folds,” her owner explained.

There were whole layers of excess skin falling over Neo’s eyes . This caused countless problems with his vision and she got to the point where he simply couldn’t see anything .

Its owner, Mark Hutchins, realized that his pet was not leading the same life as before and went to the Veterinary Center to find a solution.

Neo and his family live in the town of Swidon in England.

His eyes were somewhat inflamed and a solution as common as the drops seemed an impossible task for this beautiful mastiff.

“The constant irritation caused him to repeatedly rub his eyes . He was in pain and looked anxious every time someone tried to give him the drops,” Mark explained.

It was necessary to find another solution as soon as possible in order to offer some relief to sweet Neo. That’s when the vets decided to take a chance on canine facelift surgery.

The idea was to tighten the skin directly above her eyelids and remove all the excess so that the creases would not form again .

“Neo’s case was serious. He became a patient who needed priority for his surgery,” said Ida Gilbert, the veterinarian.

They were very tense days, but the operation was a complete success. It took Neo a couple of weeks to get better but now he has fully recovered his vision. He has returned to being a very happy and spoiled furry and has completely gotten rid of the terrible pain that he felt in his eyes .

“Many do not believe me when I say that they removed a kilo of skin. But it was exactly like that and it was the best thing they could have done for Neo,” said Mark.

For many, the story of a dog needing a face lift was somewhat funny and even unusual or questionable for those who do not know the cause. The experience proved very difficult for the Hutchins family.

“Now I can understand that it sounds like something very strange but in those days we were very worried. My daughter wouldn’t stop crying . We were afraid that when he came out he wouldn’t be himself,” Mark explained.

It’s a real relief to know that everything has turned out wonderfully for the beautiful Neo and his family . He will now be able to make the most of each day and will continue to be the beautiful furry that everyone wants so much, only with a kilo less weight on his little eyes.

Did you know that a puppy could need this type of operation? Share this case to celebrate the wonderful job the vets did to help Neo.

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