He jumps into the foul water head first to save a puppy that was already worn out from fighting.

Thanks to organizations and rescue groups, more than one puppy has a second chance and leaves the streets, leaving behind that painful past.

For this reason, when we talk about heroes, we refer to those people who, without a cape and without fictitious powers, face the harsh reality in order to save stray animals .

One of those organizations is Animal Aid Unlimited, based in India , made up of brave warriors who, without strange postures or deceptive appearances, help the most vulnerable furry ones.

Recently, they made one of the most risky and poignant rescues by helping a little dog who was on the brink of death when he got trapped in a sewage tank .

Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived at the scene after a passerby called out to them after hearing strange noises coming from the roadblock. The man who alerted about the situation did not imagine that it was a puppy.

When the rescuers discovered that inside those pipes was a puppy begging for help, they decided to intervene immediately.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for the volunteers to arrive and spring into action. After evaluating the situation, they determined that getting the puppy out was more difficult than they imagined .

What worried him the most is that the puppy was obviously tired of fighting to survive and if they didn’t act fast, a tragic end awaited him.

For this reason, a man decided to enter head first to remove the animal that was suffering.

Bravely, one of the rescuers dove headfirst into the stinking tank while other men held his feet. The tactic was perfect for the operation to be successful, but they didn’t know how deep space was.

Once inside he realized that the pup could barely stay afloat , he was covered up to his neck in dirty and polluted water. Without a doubt, he had to act fast before the furry drowned.

The puppy was very weak, it took a few days for him to walk on his own.

Thanks to incredible teamwork after fighting for a few minutes they managed to get him out , obviously he was very weak. Just a few minutes after bringing it to the surface and when they thought everything was fine, the puppy collapsed and passed out in the arms of his rescuers .

He was quickly transferred to the sanctuary where he received all the medical attention he needed. They knew that his lungs could have been contaminated with those waters and they had to help him.

The helpless furry was connected to intravenous drips desperately fighting for his life. Even though it seemed almost impossible, the puppy made an almost miraculous recovery.

Everyone had their hearts fluttering with joy when they met the brave little furry guy, every day he proves to be stronger and infects everyone with his joy .

Enjoy their amazing transformation and let’s send blessings to these true heroes.

Being so young, he will spend an indefinite amount of time at the sanctuary before he can find a home, but after that he will be ready for adoption. We wish you a long life filled with love and tender adventures.

Infinite thanks to everyone who made this incredible transformation possible. They are the best proof to show that with love and patience anything is possible. You too can know true love, adopt a puppy and take it home.

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