He moves closer to a skeletal dog by the side of the road and starts to pick it up when he starts to sob.

When an animal lover discovers a vulnerable dog on his way , abandoned to its fate, in search of a helping hand, he does not hesitate to offer it all his love and protection.

But he cannot help but be saddened and indignant with so much ignominy and indolence present in the world, which seems to show itself more and more cruel and ruthless with these innocent creatures who have done nothing to deserve so much pain.

A devoted rescuer saw a dog that was in the bones, on the edge of the road

This is Kola Kariola , an incredible and fervent lover of puppies, from Romania. This angel dedicates his entire life to rescuing animals, especially those that are in danger, sick, or suffer the scourge of abandonment and indifference.

Both he and his wife are magnificent heroes who take it upon themselves to welcome them into their own home and provide them with much-needed care.

Kariola was dismayed to see the terrified furry on the side of the road. As she reached out and tried to pick him up, his heart stopped.

When she bent down and wanted to take him in her arms, her skin stood on end and she couldn’t help but burst into tears. 

“It was like carrying a sack of bones, he was simply reduced to a living skeleton after being abandoned and starving for who knows how many days,” a shocked Kariola said.

It seems unheard of, unusual and too cruel, that surely many people passed by the hungry and scared puppy, and no one was even able to stop to help him.

The people who didn’t give this poor pup a helping hand must have hearts of stone. And we would dare to assert that the world deserves everything it is experiencing these days, because a planet where animals are treated with such heartlessness and cruelty is a place that should be extinguished forever.

But luckily for the pup, his angel arrived in time to sympathize enough to pick him up, put him in his car and take him home.

However, the poor little dog was absolutely terrified of everything and everyone. We can’t get an idea of what he must have suffered to have such a trauma.

Even after being taken to a safe place, he was still afraid and mistrustful of people. Any human who came close was synonymous with remaining alert in case something bad was done to him. Poor creature! Who could explain to him that not all humans are monsters?

Fortunately, love always wins. And Kariola managed to bathe him to remove the dirt and for the puppy to see that he could find a helping hand in him.

When the little dog seemed a little more confident, he decided to go further, taking the risk since he might still attack it. But she didn’t care… She kissed him and filled him with hugs, without imagining that the furry boy would immediately fall in love with his sleeplessness.

When the kissing started the little dog finally trusted

After the bath, the dog was fed and got a blanket and a warm bed where he could finally rest his little head. Surely, it was the first time in a long time that he had experienced something like this.

Finally, he managed to come out of his shell and surprised his heroes with the sweetest personality. Kariola decided that she couldn’t break her heart any more with any more changes in her life, so she adopted him forever.

No dog should be forced to suffer like this. Many thanks to Kariola for not giving up and making the puppy trust and know he was loved.

We love happy endings, and this couldn’t have been better for this creature who left behind his traumas thanks to love.

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