He relentlessly pursues a woman in an effort to be adopted since he does not want to remain abandoned on the streets.

This puppy lived on the street desperate to receive a caress full of love that would calm his desolation, and he finally found it.

Once this adorable little dog bumped into Dessy , a young girl from Bulgaria, he didn’t stop following her. It was evident that he was tired of living on the street and wanted to have a family with whom he could share all the love that he had to give and that he so badly needed to receive.

This furry nobleman knew that he had found his owner when she approached him and gave him some sausages , from that moment he followed her wherever she went, no matter how far he could go, he only wanted one thing: a home.

This beautiful encounter was recorded in an emotional video that shows us the great desire to be loved that this little dog had. In the images we see how the furry does not lose sight of who for him was his new human mother.

The look of this puppy was so sublime and expressive that it not only captivated Dessy, but thousands of people stated that they fell in love with this puppy.

Dessy realized that this poor puppy had been abandoned by someone else, and that she still had trust in humans.

Dessy walked through the city streets paying attention to her new furry friend who kept following her.

Dessy decided to go to a store and buy some sausages to feed the puppy, but that was not enough to leave behind the desolate look of this little furry.

Dessy continued on her way back home, and the pup followed her without hesitation. Her home was far away in the mountains, but that was not an obstacle for the puppy to walk after her.

Finally, when Dessy got home and saw that the poor puppy had followed her non-stop, she knew that she could do nothing but adopt him and make him part of her family . She opened the door of her house so that this furry would calm down and her fears would disappear.

She patiently waited until he decided to enter by himself the place where he can live the rest of his days receiving lots of love, care and attention.

Dessy showed him that in his new home everything would be fine. She gave him a refreshing bath, dried him, and petted him to make him feel safe at home.

Finally, he slept with his new family in what was surely the best nap he had in a long time.

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