He rests on the infant of his new family because he is so terrified of returning to the streets.

A little furry , apparently went through the worst of experiences in the helplessness of the street. To the point that, once she was rescued from any unknown situation, she made her very nervous and filled her with fear.

But, there was something magical that happened in that home with the new member of the family, a sweet baby, who has left the whole world with moist eyes.

Every year there are thousands of puppies that are left to their fate in the streets. This situation is especially difficult if you are dealing with  defenseless puppies.

Callie is a beautiful puppy whose owners got rid of her. They not only took her out into the street where she would be subjected to an enormous amount of danger, but they also left her attached to a fence .

The dog was left to fend for herself on the street with just weeks to live.

Being trapped, Callie couldn’t do anything. It was impossible for her to find food or a place with a roof to shelter from the cold.

Very scared, the dog began to bark and yell loudly to try to ask for help. Many people walked past her completely ignoring her, but one loving man knew that he had to stop from her to help her.

“It’s too sweet. I don’t understand how someone could leave her on the street, ”said the hero of him.

Little could he imagine what would soon happen between the baby and the dog

He approached her and when he saw how small she was, he decided to open the doors of his house for her . She hadn’t eaten in a long time and now she could barely keep up .

As soon as she arrived at her new home, the sweet dog did not seem to understand that she was already safe . She looked exhausted but she refused to sleep, as she was very afraid of being left in the middle of the street again.

Everything indicated that the dog  had spent days tied up and barking non-stop .

After a couple of hours, Callie began to wobble and couldn’t find a safe place to take a much-needed power nap .

It was then that he had a reaction as instinctive as touching. She decided that her safe place in her house was right next to her new owners ‘ baby.

“Don’t you know where to lay down to sleep, honey?” her new dad told her.

Callie seemed to fully understand that only in the lap of an innocent baby could she find comfort and choose it as her safe haven.

The baby was fast asleep taking his nap, and his angelic appearance seemed like it was the only thing that managed to make sweet Callie feel much calmer .

The dog did not hesitate to approach him tenderly but at the same time very carefully. A few seconds were enough for her to decide that only on that sweet baby she could sleep serenely away from all danger .

His owners were stunned to see how he lay down next to them, posing his head very delicately next to the baby.

In a beautiful video that the parents recorded, you can see the tender moment when they both continue to sleep soundly, as a harbinger of what excellent siblings they will be in the future.

“Now they will grow together. It’s good to know that someone who loves animals managed to save his life,” said an emotional netizen.

There is no doubt that Callie and the baby will have a wonderful friendship . We hope that this dog can recover from her difficult days on the street and she can enjoy her new home to the fullest.

Not only does she have a wonderful family that will always watch over her,  but she will also have an adorable nap buddy.

This beautiful video shows us the enormous heart that puppies have and that is why it makes us very sad that they break their innocence and soul into a thousand pieces. How lucky you were, sweet Callie, to find a family that truly loves you.

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