He sees a severely sick puppy lying on some trash, and he vows to save him.

When she saw that vulnerable little creature dumped in the garbage, her heart broke in two. Picking him up in her arms, she knew she was facing the most pitiful and heartbreaking case in all her years of rescuing him.

This is the story of the cruelest abandonment imaginable, set against the heroic efforts of a humble rescuer and a dedicated vet who would never give up to save an innocent life.

It was dumped by its soulless owner in a filthy rubbish heap

He was able to realize the state of gravity of the puppy. So she immediately took him to the vet with a faint thread of hope, she suspected the worst.

The little mongrel puppy would not stop shaking and had a fever

He had contracted a very serious and dangerous contagious infection from having spent so many days in the middle of the filth.

The men were racked with pain with his deep, piercing howls, which only revealed how much he was in pain.

Every whimper and their faint piteous sounds pierced his heart.

The vet confessed to being seriously concerned because it was just a puppy, and he frankly doubted that he would outgrow it . But faith is the last thing to be lost, and intensive treatment was started immediately.

But the pain increased more and more, and the puppy’s suffering was more than evident.

“I cried a lot while seeing the pup crying like that and I kept praying for him to recover,” the rescuer said.

Between antibiotics, medications and a direct route to the vein, they took extreme care.

The next four endless hours were crucial in determining if he would be saved.

Then they put a lamp on him to stabilize his body temperature. The efforts paid off and the puppy began to show small signs of improvement.

Now the worst seemed to be over, and at least his life had been saved. She had to take him to his home to offer him all the necessary care with a lot of patience and love. However, the man was very afraid of not knowing how to do it well. He had a great responsibility in his hands.

She kept him warm 24 hours a day, caressing him, pampering him, feeding him, telling him that soon he would be much better…

He had severe heart failure and everything was more uphill. But there is nothing that cannot be achieved with love. So she suddenly got better, she couldn’t believe that just a few days before the puppy was in pain.

His little face moves even the hardest heart

Who could leave this little ball of tenderness thrown to its fate in the middle of the garbage as if it were a useless thing? Really, these cases make us deny humanity.

Those little eyes told him that every effort was worth it

The puppy surprised them by its strength and its desire to live. Although he trembled, and his condition was delicate, they would never give up to save him until the end.

And although the puppy was improving little by little, he couldn’t stop thinking about all those other puppies that would be in the same condition fighting for their lives in unthinkable places, without anyone doing anything for them.

He could walk now and he chased him everywhere just to make him play with him.

And he kept thinking about the dark heart of its owner who was capable of throwing such a creature away.

Finally, the puppy had made it. But now came the most bittersweet part of all: the farewell. He couldn’t keep it because he didn’t have the conditions to care for him, and so he could have more time to rescue other puppies. However, he dedicated himself to finding the best home for her and that’s how it was.

It broke his heart to leave him but it was the best for him. Watch when he meets his new owner:

This story does nothing but remind us of the millions of animals that are abandoned and mistreated on a daily basis.

This story should encourage us to continue in the fight for defenseless animals. We sincerely wish that all abandoned puppies have such endings.

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