He steals a harmless puppy that was wronged by the neighbor and must now face justice.

Many people remain indifferent to acts of injustice committed against innocent beings. But this is not acceptable for a man who today faces the authorities of his country just for the fact of doing good.

This is the 25-year-old Argentine Gastón Sosa, who could now be charged for breaking the law.

Gastón accepts his crime and regrets nothing, considering that everything was justified: he just wanted to save a dog mistreated by his neighbor.

Gastón lives in Las Misiones and when he noticed the mistreatment and negligence suffered by his neighbor’s dog, he could not stay in cared for arms. The dog in question is a pitt bull that the owner kept tied up with a chain all day, they did not provide him with enough food.

The boy could not stand witnessing this injustice and repeatedly asked his neighbor to give him the animal to give him a better quality of life, since it was evident that he could not have it and only made him suffer.

Unable to bear the situation, living near a mistreated animal, Gastón decided to record a video in which he explained the situation and asked the neighbor to hand over the dog.

The clip was shared on social networks and went viral, many people applauded their desire to help and not sit idly by in the face of the outrage.

After seeing the situation, Gastón decided to act and take justice into his own hands. This young man did not intimidate anyone’s life but invaded private property and stole the pittbull without the consent of the “emblematic owner.”

Con la desaparición del perro, el dueño supo de inmediato que Gastón había sido responsable y una semana después el acto heroico del argentino tuvo un polémico desenlace.

“La Policía vino a mi casa con el veterinario de la fuerza y me dijeron que yo estoy en falta por lo que hice y le dije que no tenía problema, que, si tengo que ir preso voy, igual voy a estar contento porque el perro va a estar más que bien”, expresó Gastón a un medio local.

Las autoridades no le quitaron al perro, así que la visita pudo ser solo para intimidarlo. Sin embargo, Gastón buscó asesoría de un abogado y este le informó que podría presentar cargos y ser multado por el robo.

The matter has caused controversy in the community and also on social networks, where a wave of solidarity with the boy was unleashed. Some people are helping with the support of Kaiser, the rescued pit bull. And, as for the legal situation, we will have to wait how the authorities proceed.

The boy did not act in the best way but it was his way of doing justice, share this story and tell us your opinion about this case, what would you have done in his place?

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