He wants to alter French bulldogs because “many of this breed have unfairly suffered.”

We all know French bulldog puppies . They are beautiful little ones that are characterized by having a flat snout and being extremely affectionate.

Unfortunately, like many other breeds, these furry ones suffer from a number of health problems that could have been prevented .

Over the years, they have been born with smaller and smaller necks, noses and nostrils.

This causes them enormous difficulty when it comes to breathing . Brachycephalic respiratory obstructive syndrome affects breeds such as Boston terriers, Pekingese, boxers, and bulldogs in general.

Their breathing system is limited and as they also have a very short coat, they have difficulties regulating their temperature. Over the years, many have raised their voices regarding this .

Some specialists said that it was urgent to start  pairing them with dogs with larger muzzles so that their children lead a healthier life. Now, a group of breeders has shown how much this puppy can change if they help him lead a better life.

“It’s not normal that a dog can’t do what he likes best because of his body shape,” said the director of Hawbucks French Bulldogs.

Hawbucks French Bulldogs is run by Chantal van Kruining and her partner Krijn. When they moved in together they decided to have a pair of French bulldog puppies.

Unfortunately, one of them suffered many health problems and lost his life when he was only 16 months old .

“Our project was born out of frustration. The frustration of knowing the damage that many puppies have unfairly suffered. Frustration where some see health problems as normal,” said Chantal.

Since then, they decided to fight to help these furry ones lead a healthier life.

“It is not normal that a dog cannot be still when walking because the temperature affects it too much. It’s not cute when a dog can’t breathe without making weird noises,” said a spokesperson for Hawbucks French Bulldogs.

A look at the puppies born under Chantal’s care shows just how different life can be for a French bulldog .

With clear airways, they are free to play and walk for much longer.

“We breed for health, not for show” is the motto of Hawbucks French Bulldogs.

They may not fit the arbitrary stereotypes of some doggie contests , but they will have a better quality of life.

If we can be sure of one thing, it is that no puppy deserves to be born with endless health problems for meeting the requirements that some people consider it should have.

“First of all, a French bulldog is a dog. A dog to move freely and not feel that his body is an impediment, ”said Chantal.


The most important thing in puppies will always be their health, not their breed, size or price . They are not an object.

What do you think of the campaign of these breeders? Share this news to raise awareness about the respiratory problems that so many furry suffer from irresponsible breeding.

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