He was considered a “monster” and lived on the streets, but a haircut changed everything.

There are people who judge animals or any living being by their appearance. They believe that a puppy is not worth it if he is not of a certain breed. However, the truth is that all furry ones are unique and special.

Mongrels and street dogs are capable of undergoing the most inspiring transformations when someone finally gives them a chance.

All they need is someone to see them with loving eyes. Charlie is a puppy who lived on the streets for many years.

He was in a very busy area and had to deal with the constant danger of cars.

Despite his precarious situation, the puppy managed to survive, but his health began to face serious problems . Puppies with long fur should be cleaned and cut from time to time.

Otherwise, they can suffer from painful entanglements and even difficulty walking. Many saw Charlie in trouble but continued to ignore him. Finally, a dedicated woman felt that she should help him and took him into her care From her.

The puppy trembled with fear at the proximity of any human. He didn’t know what it was to be treated with love but after much distrust he decided to let them take care of him. Something inside of him told him that they wanted to help him.

The puppy was taken to a shelter. Unfortunately, in that place the furry ones like him did not have much time. They only gave him a week to be put up for adoption or else he would be put down.

However, the shelter’s groomer knew that a makeover would help the pup win over potential adopters.

Charlie received a bath and a haircut. The result left everyone speechless.

Parecía otro perrito y lucía más que preparado para comenzar una nueva vida lejos del peligro de las calles. El efecto fue tan positivo que tan sólo dos días después, Charlie consiguió una familia definitiva.

“Gracias por ayudarlo. Felicidades a la persona que lo adoptó. Su hogar será mucho más feliz con la llegada de un perrito”, dijo un internauta.

Ahora, nunca más volverá a sufrir los molestos enredos de pelito. Tendrá comida y un lugar cálido. Durante años, Charlie era considerado un “monstruo” por los transeúntes. Muchos creían que era demasiado feo y que jamás conseguiría un hogar.

Sin embargo, la dedicación de los rescatistas y un merecido cambio de look lo ayudaron a conseguir la vida que tanto merecía.

The health of puppies and the care of their hair are a matter of vital importance. Charlie is true proof of that. Share!

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