“He was lying in the underbrush, his body cold and motionless; I honestly believed he was already dead.”

It is unfortunate that heartless people completely destroy the lives of others, no animal should be used for such a demeaning and violent activity, this puppy was the vicᴛι̇ɱ of a heinous act.

Considered useless and severely injured, he was discarded by heartless people who threw him to the side of the road . When they saw how he was left lying in a bush, he was left for dead, not knowing that this would not be the end that fate had prepared for him.

No one would have known and today Remi would not be in this world telling this moving story as a survivor of excessive cruelty, had he not been found and then rescued by Officer Russ Harper. He became his hero to him and to whom this little dog has not wanted to leave his side, in addition to all the people who supported him and the dedicated medical care that saved his life.

Remi is here with a mission and although mixed feelings invade us, the beautiful ending of his story teaches us something very powerful and that is the capacity to love. She makes us happy that she is lucky to be alive, even if it means nothing to the strangers who hurt her so much.

Officer Russ Harper, a member of the ” Rescue Justice ” team, received the report of the discovery of this puppy and immediately went to the place. It was located on the side of a highway in the city of Chester, United States. He couldn’t believe how severely abused he was, the image was shocking.

“He was laying in the brush with his body still and cold, I really thought he was already dead when I picked him up,” Russ said.

Realizing that the dog was still alive, he was quickly transferred to the ” Keystone Veterinary Emergency ” clinic,  his condition was critical, he was lucky to be alive.

They did not know if he would survive, “he was very weak, with multiple and serious bite injuries that caused a dangerous infection in his body,” determined the doctor Leanne Thompson.

Although he showed some signs of improvement since he entered the center, he was not out of danger, but they were not going to leave him alone, he would receive all the help necessary to save him .

No doubt this boy of about a year and a half of age bore the markings of a fighting dog that had been abused on several occasions, when the poor thing fell ill and was thrown away like waste.

How cruel!

Now Remi is fighting to win a completely different battle, he is fighting for his life!

Despite so much suffering due to the violence, he just wants to be in his hero’s lap, Russ is willing to accompany him, comfort him and give him the strength he needs to continue his recovery .

Fortunately he responded to the treatment, he wants to live and leave behind the sad past.

He just wants to be snuggled in Russ’s lap, he won’t have to worry again.

Remi only knew the most despicable part of life: evil and that they taught him, but it is something that he does not have in his heart, it is touching to see him interact with Russ and show that he is capable of seeing the best part, love does miracles .

The day came when Remi was released from the hospital after a long battle that he ɱaпaged to overcome. It was an emotional moment with the doctors accompanying him to say goodbye to this great boy who would go to his new home in the sanctuary with Russ.

Look at his first experience in the pool, although he thought it was for drinking instead of bathing, he liked it. It’s Beautiful!

He is a healthy dog, now his days and nights are full of happiness, which he has always deserved, every moment is worth enjoying. He loves to play with his toys and go for walks.

Remi has inspired ɱaпy and his face has been plastered on posters and billboards calling for an end to dog fighting and violence towards animals. He has his own hashtag: #RemiStrong, and he is a loving leader. The text on the image reads: “Cowards those who attacked me. Brave those who fought for me.

The recommendation is to encourage all citizens to report suspected dog fighting activities as well as any type of animal abuse, alert local police, and urge officers to contact the HSUS to investigate. cases and take the necessary measures, the important thing is to save these animals and stop the abuse. In Remi’s case, a reward was even offered, it is unknown who is responsible for this cruelty.

According to the Society for the Protection of Animals , dog fighting represents an inhuɱaпe culture that teaches denigration of animals, they are concerned that “children someᴛι̇ɱes witness these events, facilitating enthusiasm for violence, disrespect for the law and being show insensitivity to the suffering of animals.

We can have something that makes up for everything and that is having Remi as a loved one and happy, perhaps for the first ᴛι̇ɱe in his life. Instead of bites she only gives kisses.

Remi is very close to Russ, the feeling is mutual, check out the image he shared. Lovely!

This ᴛι̇ɱe love won, the scars are not a memory of pain, he knows they are there, but everything was overcome for good and he can only remember the loving hands that healed those wounds and made it possible for him to have the opportunity to show what he is Now he knows that the huɱaп being exists and that he can be his best friend forever .

You too can show a gesture of huɱaп friendship to this loving being by sharing his moving story, maybe we started crying with sadness but ended up shedding tears of happiness!

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