Highly Optioned: 1955 Chevrolet Nomad

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Upon its release, the 1955 Chevrolet Nomad was one of the most expensive passenger vehicles in the marque’s model range. Therefore, the fact that only 8,386 buyers took one home is unsurprising. These classics were far from cheap in their most basic form, but our feature Nomad raises the bar, courtesy of its long list of factory options. It has a couple of minor needs, but can still provide enjoyable motoring during the remaining summer months. It has generated significant interest since hitting the market, and with the Reserve now met, you could be the enthusiast who gives it a new home.

The Nomad turned heads in 1955 because its styling was stunning. Many enthusiasts believe these are the best looking of the Tri-Five range, although I would happily have any Nomad from that era parked in my garage. This classic’s history is unclear, although the minor defects visible in its Gypsy Red and Shoreline Beige prevent it from achieving perfect presentation. The winning bidder will probably address the problems before they deteriorate and potentially let rust sink its teeth into the steel. Otherwise, it holds an excellent depth of color and shine that will easily turn heads. The underside shots confirm the floors and frame are rock-solid, and with the panels as straight as an arrow, the cosmetic needs are relatively minor. The trim looks excellent for its age, and I can’t spot any glass issues.

Lifting this Nomad’s hood reveals a 265ci V8, bolted to a two-speed Powerglide transmission. The Powerglide is the first of a list of options, with this Nomad scoring the desirable Plus-Power setup, power steering, and power brakes. The Plus-Power option pushes power and torque from 162hp and 257 ft/lbs to 180hp and 260 ft/lbs. That doesn’t represent a dramatic increase, but the factory’s performance figures confirm the driver will feel the change under their right foot. The seller is honest in their appraisal of its classic, admitting the power booster requires attention. Otherwise, it appears to be a turnkey proposition ready to provide immediate classic motoring pleasure.

If this Nomad’s exterior makes a positive impact, its interior lifts that impression to a higher level. From the stunning Beige and Red trim with its distinctive “waffle” pattern to the spotless dash and carpet, any journey in this classic will feel like a special occasion. The rear cargo area could be the most impressive feature because there are none of the accumulated scuffs and imperfections often seen on older family Station Wagons. The exterior may launch a debate about whether this Nomad is a genuine survivor, but its interior carries the hallmarks of a meticulous restoration. It isn’t highly optioned by modern standards, but the power windows and factory radio made this classic pretty special in 1955.

EzoicThe seller listed this 1955 Chevrolet Nomad here on eBay in Sunman, Indiana. Thirteen bids have pushed the price to $50,300, and with the reserve met, it is days away from finding a new home. The vehicle’s overall condition and list of factory options should see it hit $60,000 before the hammer falls, although the combination of its inherent desirability and climbing market values could push the final figure higher. What would you pay for this Bow Tie classic? More importantly, are you willing to join the bidding war?

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