Honoring the Special Charm of a Baby Girl’s Accessorized Black Birthmark as a Mark of Beauty

What would you?

Um, yeah, he studied foreign, happy life without challenges and problems.

But did we know that challenges and problems are important part of life?

They give you experiences, make you learn and help you to become wiser and stronger.

Problems make us grow and shape us.

The biggest problem people have is that they hope for a life without problems, but during our time in this world we will always have and pass through different life, challenges and problems.

If we had no any other life challenge or problem, then we would not be on this world but in Paradise.

When this toddler was about to be born, parents were happy, ready to welcome a new family member, but the happiness decreased immediately after being told the baby was born with this condition.

This condition gives the baby too much pain that she’s already scratching herself.

Neighbors are anxious, doctors are Shop, friends are worried, parents lost her and they don’t know what is happening to this toddler.

Is the father to this one year and four month old baby.

He says it all started when the mother to this baby was pregnant.

The mother was already sick.

The Father had to take the wife to different hospitals for treatment because she was showing unusual signs.

Time for giving birth camp and the wife produced the baby and after seeing the baby they all could not stop crying right at the hospital foreign to this baby.

Yet the condition keeps hurting the baby and so far the baby was taken to different hospitals and given a few medications, but still the baby’s health condition is not improving.

That’s why the father’s word and says: the condition keeps getting worse, as sometimes the baby has passed on the head and on the part of the ear and the baby scratches herself.

She even bleeds from the head.

This makes the man more afraid as that, if not followed up earlier, it can be dangerous to the baby.

He’s afraid that it can cause even something more terrific, foreign due to their location where they live, that they are far away from any hospital, and taking the baby to the hospital requires one to have a lot of money.

Due to the transport fare which is a little bit High.

They give everything to see whether the baby could be treated, but it seems that it’s not working out for them as by now.

The man says he has already sold two pieces of land, but these two was not enough to cover the whole treatment process.

But since the baby is only affected on the outside, he hopes that this will not be too bad, but adds that early treatment can solve the condition, and the problem remained having not enough money to cover the baby’s hospital bills.

Foreign, she says the baby is the Third born in their family, like the husband says that by when she was seven months pregnant.

That’s why everything started going wrong.

After she produced this baby and came out like this, many people started telling her a lot, some saying it was poison and other saying other many words of discouragement.

Foreign doctors look at the baby first.

They were also shot.

They said this was beyond what they thought.

They told the mama to always use hot water when washing the baby and gave us a medicines to apply and then told her to go home.

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