How are you able to keep your hearts apart? – Little boys who have been abandoned ask for homes but work together.

It is true that sometimes it is difficult to adopt two furry friends at the same time, but there are situations that are very moving, as is the case of these two canine brothers who never wanted to be separated… They want to live together forever and ever!

Puppies that have been abandoned only ask for an opportunity to have a home full of love where they can be happy, which is why the shelter staff is concerned with finding the most appropriate family for each puppy.

The staff at Refugio de Castillón, in France, have done the same with Laurel and Hardy, two furry brothers who only ask for the same family for both of them.

Laurel and Hard are two beautiful puppies that were rescued in the town of Castillon, near Bayeux, in northern France. Both were found while they were wandering the streets. Fortunately, they came into the hands of the Castillon Shelter, where they were received with much love.

“We present Laurel and Hardy, they are two griffon mix males, 5 years old, neutered and vaccinated. A complicit and adorable duo, yet so hard to adopt them both, but how can you separate their hearts? So we will try for them ”, the refuge published on his account on the social network Facebook, directed by Marie-Thérèse Marie, president and founder of the center.

Laurel and Hardy waited for a family that would love them both and could adopt them together. The home should preferably have an open space and a lot of love not only for one, but for both because neither of them wants to live with the other.

“They arrived at the center, but we don’t know their past. They are so friendly that they comfort each other. They are two adorable and very affectionate loves, sociable with their peers, you can try if you already have a dog, but they don’t like cats. We are looking for that dream family that will accept them both and provide them with a home where they are loved as much as they love each other, ”the shelter wrote on his account.

Although it has been a difficult and complex task to find a home for Laurel and Hardy, the shelter staff did not give up until both pups had a suitable family for them and that gives them the same loving home.

 “Open the doors of your house with a fenced garden where they can run and play safely where they can have the happiness they deserve so much. Do not hesitate to stop by to meet them at the shelter or send us a private message for more information, ”added the shelter on his Facebook account.

The waiting time for a new family had its fruit and finally on May 21, both masters were adopted by the same person who will ensure a happy life together.

Share the emotional story of Laurel and Hardy who now live together in a home that is perfect for them.

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