“I made my dog a tie, and now he’s obsessed with the mirror,”

A puppy can have the most fun and flirtatious side, ending up transforming our dark and difficult days into the most beautiful and unforgettable ones.

That is what being the owner of a furry has, they will definitely always surprise us with their occurrences, their funny reactions and their way of seeing life so pure and innocent.

A young woman never imagined that her puppy would fall in love with her own beauty

This is what happened to a young Mexican woman, who shared her pet’s sweet response from her TikTok account @maf.vega when she decided to make him a custom tie.

She wanted to give her beloved furry a very special gift, but she never really expected him to behave so out of the ordinary, how adorable.

And it is that, apparently, the cute little animal, seeing himself so “in fashion”, since he first saw himself in the mirror, was totally in love with himself. And we don’t blame him at all!

Who could not fall in love with such a handsome and flirtatious creature?

So ever since he found himself so handsome and conquering, he hasn’t been able to stop looking at himself in the mirror.

As expected, its owner fell even more in love with the sweet behavior of her puppy. Therefore, she did not hesitate to take out the camera and record it, since it would have been very selfish of her not to share so much tenderness with the world.

In the scenes that the young woman broadcast, you can see the exact moment when the dog wore his little tie that hung from his neck.

But, when he saw his reflection in his owner’s mirror, he really couldn’t believe what he saw.

The funniest thing about the video is that he looks as if he himself doesn’t believe how handsome he looks. So he goes back to the mirror again and again to confirm it, and yes, we all confirm that he is the most handsome of all.

While its owner records it, stunned and moved, the little animal sits patiently in front of the mirror, as if it had nothing else to do during the day, and looks very satisfied and happy to wear its new tie.

“We made my dog a tie and now he can’t stop looking in the mirror,” you can hear in the video that has gone around the world.

This is the video of the beautiful puppy unable to believe how handsome he looks in the mirror:

The video, which is already a viral phenomenon reaching more than two and a half million views, 650,000 likes and thousands of comments online, has been titled “Terrrrrrnuraaaaaa”.

And it is that, there is no other word to describe what inspires the funny puppy.

Of course, the comments from excited netizens have not been long in coming.

“Love you so much, fancy doggy,” one TikTok user commented. “His little face of him in the second video of: How handsome I look huh,” another person wrote. “It looks and says” What elegance from France “hahaha,” said another with a laugh. “He’s quite a gentleman, I fell in love,” said another.

We love that this cute little dog’s only concern is which side he looks prettier in the mirror. They are innocent and light-filled creatures, who deserve only a life of love, respect and protection. I wish all the puppies in the world were treated with so much love.

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