I sincerely apologize to the child, whose eyes are yellow and black, who is three months old. In actuality, the infant had multiple severe illnesses

When Mr. Giai and his wife were born, Tran Gia Huy, the first son of Mr. and his wife, unfortunately suffered from many cruel congenital diseases.

We went to the small house of Ms. Vo Thi Bich Ngoc (20 years old) and Mr. Tran Van Giay (22 years old, Ho Chi Minh City).

When I went to the small alley to ask about Ms. Ngoc’s family situation, everyone here knew. Looking into the small room of about 15 square meters where Ms. Ngoc’s family lives, many people were quite surprised by the image of a tiny boy with yellow skin and yellow eyes crying in the dark. mother’s hand.

Ms. Ngoc and Mr. Giay have been married for more than a year and gave birth to their first son, Gia Huy (3 months old). My life was difficult, but when I was pregnant with baby Gia Huy, Ms. Ngoc and her husband were lent a room by a relative in Go Vap to stay. Mr. Giay also ran everywhere to hire many girls. Different jobs to have enough money to cover life.

When pregnant with baby Gia Huy, Ms. Ngoc Hoan’s body was completely healthy. On the day of birth, the baby did not turn his head, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, so the doctor had to perform surgery to remove the baby. Due to the baby’s poor health, the doctors placed him in a glass cage for care.

On the 9th day, when the baby was in an isolated room, Ms. Ngoc and her husband came to take the baby home, but when they stood looking at the baby through the glass, the couple was startled to see that the baby’s skin had an unusual yellow-black color, and the eyes were also brown. blonde . Taking her child home, Ms. Ngoc discovered that the child had many strange symptoms and the umbilical cord did not fall off. Fearing that the child was sick, the couple decided to pack their things and take the child to Children’s Hospital 2 for examination. Here, the doctor said the baby had many congenital diseases, including congenital kidney failure, gallbladder, liver, spleen enlargement, jaundice, genital deformities, blurred vision, and endocrine problems.

“When I heard what the doctor said, the couple was very depressed, their first son had so many serious illnesses. The day he found out his child was sick, Mr. Giai was so sad, he quit all his work to stay at the hospital to take care of his child. I was also completely depressed, for many days I didn’t want to eat or drink anything, but everyone encouraged me so I tried to stay healthy to take care of my child,” Ms. Ngoc shed tears as she looked at her child. said.

During the days of treatment at Children’s Hospital 2, the baby continuously cried and could not sleep. Over 2 months in the hospital, the baby had to have blood tests over 30 times. The doctor also said that due to his poor health condition, his blood count was too high and the baby was too small, he could not undergo surgery for a liver transplant. If he had surgery, the likelihood of success was slim, so he advised the couple. need to prepare mentally before.

“When I heard the doctor say that my child’s congenital diseases could not be cured, I could only hug my child and cry. Every day I went to the doctor to ask, hoping to find some hope of saving my child’s life, but to no avail, my child’s illness became more and more severe, but the couple just helplessly looked at their child and cried,” he said. h Rich share.

I’ve been in the hospital for more than 2 months, but my illness hasn’t changed. The baby’s medical bills per day sometimes reach nearly 5 million VND, the amount of money saved up, borrowed from relatives, or not. There was more, so Ms. Ngoc decided to take her child home. The home takes care of the baby and gives him painkillers to fight the illness.

Ms. Ngoc said that the baby currently weighs only 3kg. Due to carrying many diseases in the body, the baby often cries and cannot sleep. When drinking milk, the baby’s body cannot absorb it, he bleeds a lot when going to the toilet, so the baby becomes increasingly emaciated and loses weight. Every day the baby is cared for and given painkillers to fight the disease. Many people in the alley felt sorry for the couple’s situation and felt sorry for the seriously ill baby, so everyone also donated money to buy milk and diapers.

“Every night, the couple takes turns staying up to watch the baby sleep. Whenever the baby sleeps for 1 or 2 hours, we wake the baby up because we are afraid the baby will fall asleep all the time. One day the baby slept for up to 3 hours, kept shaking the baby and didn’t wake up, thinking he wouldn’t wake up again, so the couple hugged the baby and cried. Everyone in the alley heard the couple crying so they ran to see, after a while they saw the baby open. eye. From the day the baby came home until now, the couple has had their hearts broken countless times. Right now, I only know how to take care of my child day in and day out. Every time I hear that the disease can be cured, the couple takes the child and tries to go, but it doesn’t work. I hope there is a miracle to save my child’s life, stop torturing her so much,” Ms. Ngoc burst into tears.

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